BPF (BronchoPleural Fistula)

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  • this is a detailed description of what my brother is going through. any assistance will be highly appreciated.


    “I caught a chronic lung infection in May 2007 that not only claimed my left lung, but has also subjected me to seven (7) major thoracic surgeries, persistent respiratory system discomfort and pain in addition to putting my career on hold for nearly 3 years now.

    I remain unwell and in need of urgent medical attention despite all the surgeries and the numerous prolonged hospital admissions. The current condition is called Persistent BronchoPleural Fistula post Pneumonectomy with Empyema and due to this, I now suffer great respiratory discomfort including difficulty in breathing, occasional shortness of breath, persistent cough due to the BronchoPleural fistula, inability to lie on my right side, constrained physical activity, fatigue and chest pains. I also have a wound called an Eloesser Window below my left arm to facilitate drainage of pus from the pleural cavity. The remaining lung remains at risk of damage as well due to the communication with infected left chest cavity - signs of this noted in latest CT scans and X-Rays.

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    Doctors here in Kenya do not seem to have a forthcoming solution to the problem. They have subjected me to seven thoracic surgeries in addition to fourteen (14) hospital admissions and all have been unsuccessful. I have therefore sought opinions from experienced doctors in the USA, India, Egypt and Israel. These doctors abroad agree the condition is complicated, but they have the solution to the problem due to their exposure, experience and access to advanced medical technology required to resolve the problem.

    The biggest hurdle to obtaining the help of these overseas doctors is financial. The condition to date has claimed a significant portion of my family resources and we are now unable to obtain the required finances for further treatment. The cheapest option based on the cost estimates received from hospitals in these countries abroad is India with a quote of Ksh2.5 Million inclusive of travel arrangements. Additionally, we still have outstanding medical bills locally”


    Vince together with his family and friends has thus launched an appeal for funds to meet his medical bill and we hope that this surgery will not only be his final one but indeed be the one that will restore him to complete health. We are thus appealing to family, friends, loved ones and WELL WISHERS (YES, YOU TOO!) alike to contribute towards this medical kitty and indeed “GET VINCE TO INDIA” We do not underestimate the power of social networks, we have seen in the recent past governments overthrown through the nascent power of Social networks and we believe that indeed we can accomplish our mission. Think about it, if I have 500 friends on face book each with 500 plus friends too, what a massive network that is. We thus urge you to please ADD YOUR FRIENDS and get your friends to add their friends and so on LET’S MAKE THIS MISSION POSSIBLE.


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    You can deposit your contribution into A/C NO: 1128068443, BANK: KCB, BRANCH: KIPANDE HOUSE OR you can send your contribution via MPESA to Vince telephone number: 0721 352 639. There will be a major fundraising to be held on 3rd August in Nairobi (more details to be posted later)


    HABA NA HABA HUJAZA KIBABA. We are taking contributions of any amount; even that Ksh 100 that you happen to have we know will go a long way so please don't shy away.Once you have sent your contribution kindly write on the wall ‘I TOOK VINCE TO INDIA’ you can also put this as your status update, a proud proclamation of the fact that you indeed were part of this great act of giving.


    God Bless!

Published On: July 17, 2011