Contact Elected Officials to Raise Awareness for Chronic Pain Conditions

Will Rowe Health Guide
  • September is Pain Awareness Month. Many communities around the country are holding public awareness and education events to help the public better understand the need for improved pain care. Everyone can do something... In fact, if everyone does something to advocate for better pain care, we will change the face of pain care around the nation. Pain, like all other healthcare issues, has a political side. It's a priority game. If medical decision makers, insurance decision makers, research decision makers, and political decision makers never hear concerns about pain, they will never prioritize pain. If they never prioritize pain, there will be no improvement in pain care and no increased investment in pain research.

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    So, how are these decision makers supposed to hear about the need to improve pain care and the needs of people living with pain? IT IS UP TO US! It is that simple. The power to make positive change is in the hands of the people who want those changes. We need to make our needs and wants known regarding ways to improve pain care in this country. We need to do this en masse. We need to put our voices together with the same message to the critical decision makers. To get involved, to add your voice to others, please go to and click on TAKE ACTION NOW.

Published On: September 25, 2007