Become an Advocate for Chronic Pain Issues: Contact Your Representatives

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  • How many of you had the experience of going through many doctors, perhaps for many years, before you got some semblance of an accurate diagnosis and adequate care for your pain? How many of you have been struggling to find a remedy or treatment for your pain to get you back to a somewhat normal life? My guess is that there are millions of Americans who took years of searching to find practitioners who knew how to assess and treat their pain. And I know that there are still millions of people who suffer from various kinds of pain conditions for which there is no adequate known treatment. These are facts for millions of Americans.

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    How can we change this picture? There is something we all can DO RIGHT NOW.


    Congresswoman Capps has introduced into Congress the National Pain Care Act of 2007. This bill does several important things:


    1. It promotes increased education and training for health practitioners in the assessment and treatment of pain
    2. It requires the authorization of the Pain Consortium at the National Institutes of Health and requires that this Consortium construct, implement, and report on a pain research agenda at the NIH; It also requires several efforts to raise public and professional awareness about the problem of pain in America.

    How can you help? If this bill is to become law, it is imperative that you, every one of us, contact your congressman to support this legislation. It is easy to do this through the Advocacy Center on the American Pain Foundation website, and you will be given a quick and easy way to contact your congressman about this legislation. Without each of us doing our part, pain will simply not become a priority in the healthcare system or in the national health research agenda.


    I'll say it once, and I'll say it a thousand times, "It is up to us." Go to now to make pain care and research a priority!

Published On: October 19, 2007