Treatment Options for Pain

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  • The fact is that there are many different kinds of pain that arise from many different causes and that operate by many different mechanisms in our bodies. There is no silver bullet, no single route to maximum pain relief. Unfortunately, much of our medical profession and, for certain, the public at large is not up-to-date on assessing and treating pain.


    The American Pain Foundation distributes to people affected by pain a comprehensive text called: Treatment Options: A Guide for People Living with Pain. This guide is provided at no cost--it's free to anyone who requests it. This text presents an understanding of treatment planning and offers explanations of different treatment options in several categories including: Pharmacotherapy (drug options); Psychosocial Interventions; Physical Rehabilitation for Pain Management; Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM); Injection and Infusion Therapies; and Implantable Devices and Surgical Interventions. Just call 1-888-615-PAIN (7246), or e-mail, to request your free copy.

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    If you are beginning your journey of understanding and living with pain or even if you are a veteran at managing pain, this text may be useful for learning about the array and combinations of therapies that may be helpful. It's a good place to start and a good place to refer to along the journey.


    Peace and good health to all.



Published On: December 21, 2007