It's OK to Get Mad About Your Chronic Pain

Will Rowe Health Guide
  • I forget the name of the movie but I remember it featured a call to action: people all over the country opening their windows shouting out "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore." That's the sentiment that is bubbling-up, or needs to bubble-up, in the world of people affected by chronic pain.


    Here's a string of objects for that pent up anger:

    • mad as hell that they are not listened to or believed when they explain their pain;
    • mad as hell that they are told that the pain "must be in their head because nothing shows up on tests";
    • mad as hell that they cannot find a doctor who can properly assess and effectively treat their pain;
    • mad as hell that doctors seem to fear regulators more than they display a willingness to prescrib pain medicines;
    • mad as hell that doctors are in that position of having to look over their shoulder every time they prescribe strong pain medicines;
    • mad as hell that insurance programs do not cover their medicines or treatment options;
    • mad as hell that people think they're drug addicts because they use opioid medicines;
    • mad as hell that people do not understand that for some, these medicines are the difference between living in a cauldron of pain or living and functioning in a normal life;
    • mad as hell that...well, you can fill in the blank.

    The fact is, many people who control the political and medical resources do not know that how many people are hurting and what obstacles stand in their way for care. It is up to us, people affected by pain, to stand up and tell them. Get involved, go to, take action, tell your story, stand up and be heard!

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Published On: July 14, 2008