Conquering Disability of Chronic Pain Together, Ways to Help Policy, Awareness

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  • Excitement is Building –September Pain Awareness Month-EVERYONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


    Together with the pain community, the American Pain Foundation has been developing a project called “Conquering Pain Together” to mobilize efforts for this year’s September Pain Awareness Month. Organizations and advocates around the country have been gearing up for their community events, media outreach and legislative contact for months and we couldn’t be more excited that these efforts are about to unfold, including the first ever National Day of Action planned for September 26th. YOU can be part of this national movement that is sounding the alarm about the barriers to accessing appropriate and effective pain management and the desperate need for better pain care. With September Pain Awareness Month and the National Day of Action there are a host of opportunities to inform, motivate and harness the millions of voices of people affected by pain to create change. On the Campaign website you will find the Online Petition and an easy-to-use Action Toolkit with information and links to efforts of people and organizations around the country.

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    The National Day of Action on Saturday, September, 26th 2009 has tremendous potential, as demonstrated by many other national health movements/campaigns, to give a voice to the voiceless by motivating massive numbers of people to rally around the issue with events and signing the petition declaring, “I commit to improving access to appropriate and effective pain care for all!” The American Pain Foundation’s Power Over Pain Action Network is a grassroots advocacy network comprised of dedicated state leaders and advocates who are working year-round to transform pain care in America and remove the tremendous barriers people with pain confront, as they seek the pain relief and care they deserve. This advocacy network is made up of people with pain, health care professionals and caregivers who are united in raising awareness and promoting the best pain policy, legislation and practice.


    The Power Over Pain Action Network will be working in collaboration with other organizations throughout September and on the National Day of Action in rural towns and bustling cities, engaging in activities ranging from:


    • Providing public and professional presentations (at churches, hospitals and conferences),

    • Distributing information about pain relief far and wide,

    • Pitching Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and news articles,

    • Engaging local government and other organizations in celebrating state and city Pain Awareness Month Proclamations,

    • Leveraging a national resolution to support PAM by the League of Women Voters, and

    • Spreading the word through social networking sites. YOU TOO can be involved in both quick and easy ways, or by joining other’s activities or creating your own!


    Things YOU can do:


    • Sign the petition “I COMMIT to improving access to appropriate and effective pain care for all,” and forward it to others!

  • • Take action from ideas included in the TEN THINGS YOU CAN DO TO RAISE AWARENESS IN TEN MINUTES in the Action Toolkit.

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    • Check out the media section of the Toolkit, which includes great resources to write a letter to the editor, send PSAs to local radio stations, or publicize your event.

    • Go to Power Over Pain Action Network website for a directory of leaders with more information on how you can be part of the important work of this dedicated network.

    • Visit the Conquering Pain Together website to find out the full range of options for actions and links to what others are doing.


    There are 76.5 million Americans who suffer pain and the majority do not receive appropriate care. Therefore, what YOU DO can have a positive impact on YOU and the lives of people you love, those you work with, people in your community and the millions of others who are needlessly suffering. Together we can make a difference!

Published On: September 09, 2009