Conquering The Creature In The Mirror

Vanessa Collins Health Guide
  • I was laughing out loud this morning watching K.C., our youngest feline, stalk herself in the mirror.  She is only six months old, and she appeared to be startled at her own kitty reflection.  She ran out of the room, then cautiously stuck her head around the door looking for the strange creature she had unexpectedly encountered.  My little kitty moved slowing back into the room, low to the ground, all senses on high alert. She was stalking her reflection in the wall mirror, and it was quite a show. K.C. finally made her way all the way up to the mirror and put her paw on her own reflected face.  Finally satisifed that she had conquered the creature in the mirror she walked out of the room, head held high, tail straight up in the air in a sign of victory.

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    I love my two kitties, and I realized this morning that they are a great distraction from the pain and frustration we all experience daily. In addition to that, they offer warm, soft hugs when we need them.


    Pets can teach good life lessons, too. We are all afraid of the unknown.  We want to run away, but if we face our fears, our anxiety is relieved.


    Sometimes I want to run away.  I don't want to keep doctor appointments or go for another blood test or another mammogram or even a scheduled check up. I think I could learn a lesson from K.C.




Published On: January 15, 2011