Mednotes: A Medication Tool To Help Manage Chronic Pain

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • I recently discovered a wonderful little tool that helps me keep track of my medications, tells me if there are any potential interactions, and alerts me if there are any FDA notices about problems with them.  It also tells me when any new medications are approved for any of my health conditions.  I've found this tool so helpful that I wanted it share it with all of you.

    The tool is called Mednotes and can be found on  If you go to, you'll find a blue bar across the top of the page.  Mednotes is on the far right of the bar.  It's a very user-friendly tool.

    Mednotes is a secure site where you can enter the medications you take, your medical conditions and any allergies you have.  It will then tell you whether there are any potentially dangerous interactions between the different drugs you're taking.  It also warns of possible food, allergy and medical condition interactions, and has options for pregnancy and lactation warnings.

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    One of my favorite features is that you can choose if you would like to receive e-mail notification of:

    • News or FDA alerts about any or all of your medications

    • News about new medications approved for any or all of your medical conditions

    Another nice feature of Mednotes is its printable reports.  There is a pocket-sized reference list for personal use, or you can choose from several full-sized reports to take with you to your doctor or pharmacist for discussion. 

    Finally, you can create any number of profiles, so you can manage medications separately for every member of your family. 

    I signed up for Mednotes two months ago and have received four e-mail notifications – all telling me about very interesting studies that related to one of the medications I take or one of my medical conditions.  And I like the security of knowing that I'll receive a personal notification should there be any problems with any of my medications. 

    Give Mednotes a try.  I hope you'll find it as helpful as I have.


Published On: May 09, 2010