Talking Constructively About Your Chronic Pain

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • We all need to talk about our pain, express our frustrations or vent our anger from time to time.  That’s a normal, natural and healthy response to living with chronic pain.  But do you ever wonder whether you have crossed the line from venting to whining?  

    The difference between the two is an important distinction to make.  Why?  Because people tend to tune out whiners and eventually avoid them altogether.  More importantly, doctors are apt not to take whiners seriously.  And we all want and need to be taken seriously––especially by our doctors.  

    If you want to find out whether you’re venting or whining, read MyMigraineConnection expert Teri Robert’s excellent SharePost, “Yes, Migraines and headaches are awful, but don't be a whiner or drama queen!”  Although she mentions Migraines specifically, her advice is equally as valid for any chronic pain illness. 
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Published On: July 08, 2007