Live Chat: Having a Social Life With Chronic Pain

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • Last March, we had our first live chat and many of you asked that we schedule a chat once a month.  While we intended to do so, I ended up having to have two surgeries over the next two months and wasn't able to host a chat.  But that is past and hopefully we can get back on track now.

    Our next chat will be Monday, June 28 from 7 – 9 pm Eastern and 4 – 6 pm Pacific.  The topic for discussion will be “Having a Social Life with Chronic Pain,” but feel free to ask questions or bring up other topics as well. 

    I'll post another announcement with instructions and a link to the chat over the weekend.  If you haven't already subscribed to my SharePosts, you might want to do that so you'll be sure to get the information in time.  Just click on the button under my signature below. 

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    You can access the chat HERE and sign up for email reminders!


    Hope to chat with you Monday!


Published On: June 23, 2010