Charity of Your Choice Contest Closes Friday

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • HealthCentral's contest in which you have a chance to win $100 for the charity of your choice ends this Friday, July 15, 2011 at 3:29 p.m. (EDT). 


    ChronicPainConnection's site producer, Chris Regal, announced the contest on June 30.  The announcement was featured in last week's newsletter, however, due to a glitch in the system, the link given was not correct.  (Must have been those mischievous computer gremlins at work. Wink


    You can still enter the contest by responding to a simple survey on HealthCentral's Facebook page


    As Chris said in his original SharePost, "This is only the first of many social cause promotions that will take place over our social media channels in the next few months. The best way to keep on top of any new developments is to "Like" our Facebook page and "Follow" us on Twitter."

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    Good luck!


Published On: July 13, 2011