I Am... More Than My Pain

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • I am a mother, a grandmother, a niece, a cousin and a friend.  I'm a born-again Christian and my relationship with God is the center of my life.  I am proud to be an American and am not ashamed to admit that I tear up every time I hear our National Anthem.  I am also proud of my Irish heritage and have always enjoyed the fact that I was born on St. Patrick's Day. 

    I'm a writer, an editor and an artist.  I'm a hard worker with perfectionist tendencies.  I am loyal, sometimes to a fault.  I am a former ballet dancer.  I'm a music lover despite my terrible singing voice.   I am a patient advocate and co-founder of the National Fibromyalgia Association.  I'm an avid reader.  I'm an 'i' junkie – iPhone, iPad and iMac.      

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    I am blessed to have a wonderfully loving and supportive family and good friends who have stuck by me for more than 40 years.  I'm an animal lover in general and a cat person in particular.  I'm a fan of the color purple, anything vanilla-scented, crossword puzzles and old sitcoms.  I am an optimist and a dreamer.  I am easily bored.  I am trying to grow old gracefully, but gravity is winning the battle.  I'm passionate about the people and principles I believe in.  I am comfortable with myself.

    And, yes, I am a fibromyalgia patient; but I am oh, so much more.

    Who are you?

Published On: February 22, 2012