Marriage and Chronic Pain: It CAN Work

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • Several years ago I met a couple – Gregg and Sherrie Piburn – who impressed me with their commitment and devotion to one another, despite the fact that Sherrie lived with a great deal of pain from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.  Gregg had written a book, Beyond Chaos: One Man's Journey Alongside His Chronically Ill Wife, in which he described how chronic illness affects both partners in a marriage and how they had successfully worked through those challenges together.

    Lene Andersen, Patient Expert and Community Leader on HealthCentral's Rheumatoid Arthritis site, recently interviewed the Piburns and shared some of their secrets in her article, “Relationships and Chronic Illness: An Interview with Sherrie and Gregg Piburn.” 

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    I would encourage anyone interested in this topic to read Lene's article and to watch for the Piburns' new book, She Said, He Said: One Illness, Two Perspectives.

Published On: February 28, 2012