Choosing a Doctor Who Meets Your Chronic Pain Needs

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • Would you keep going back to a restaurant that served bland, tasteless food and whose wait staff either ignored you or were rude? Of course not. Yet many of us continue to go back to doctors who are not able to help us, who seem to ignore our pleas for help, or who are rude to us. Why? Often it’s because we see doctors as authority figures and we feel intimidated and inadequate. What we fail to realize is that doctors provide a service and we, as consumers, purchase that service. If the service we’re receiving is not meeting our needs, it’s probably time to look for another provider.
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    Knowing our rights and responsibilities as consumers of medical services empowers us to look for and find the best medical care we can get. Teri Robert, lead expert on our sister site MyMigraineConnection, has written an excellent article on the subject: Patients As Consumers – Managing Healthcare and the Healthcare Team. It’s an article every patient should read.

Published On: October 17, 2007