Goodnighties Sleepwear Now Available for Men with Chronic Pain

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  • Two years ago I told you about Goodnighties – a new type of women's sleepwear I had found that improved both the quality and quantity of my sleep as well as easing some of my pain.  At the time, a few men expressed an interest in having a similar product for themselves.  A couple of guys even confided that they wore the women's version because it helped them so much, but they would much prefer to have a style designed specifically for men.

    So I'm very happy to let you know that Goodnighties is now available for men! They have debuted their new men's line with a simple pair of black shorts and a black t-shirt. The men's sizes range from medium to 3XL. The price for the men's t-shirt and shorts is $29.95 each.

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    For those of you who may not have read my original review of Goodnighties, following is a brief summary of what makes Goodnighties different from other sleepwear. 

    How Goodnighties Work

    According to the manufacturer, the secret to Goodnighties lies in the IonX® fabric from which they're made.  IonX® is a patented process that builds negative ions into the structure of the fabric. 

    What possible difference could negative ions make?  Apparently quite a bit.  If you do a quick study on positive and negative ions, you'll discover that our air is bombarded with positive ions from things like pollution, computers, TVs and fluorescent lights.  Positive ions can make us feel tired, irritable and depressed.

    Negative ions, on the other hand, are found in nature – at the beach, near a waterfall, in the mountains and after a storm.  Negative ions tend to give us a sense of well-being, alleviate depression, reduce stress and increase energy.

    When a Negative is Positive

    The positive effects of negative ions have been studied for many years.  A number of those positive effects may be beneficial to people with fibromyalgia and other types of chronic pain.  According to the Goodnighties research, some of the benefits include:

    • Increasing blood flow, which promotes pain relief and joint mobility.
    • Increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain.  (Fibromyalgia patients have decreased oxygen levels in specific areas of the brain.)
    • Producing biochemical reactions that increase serotonin levels.  (People with FM have lower than normal levels of serotonin.)
    • Increasing melatonin, which helps to synchronize our biological clocks.
    • Helping us reach the REM stage of sleep more quickly.  (People with FM usually awaken just before getting into REM sleep.)
    • Protecting against germs and boosting the immune system. (Positively charged germs are neutralized by negative ions.)

    You can learn more about the benefits of the IonX fabric from the Goodnighties Web site:

    What is Ionx®?
    The Science Behind Negative Ions
    The Beneficial Effects of Ionx® Fabric and Garments

    My Personal Goodnighties Experience

    The first thing I noticed about Goodnighties is that they are incredibly soft and comfortable.  This is super-important to me since most items of clothing are painful for me.  Not only are they not painful, but they actually feel good on my skin.  They also have a four-way stretch so they don't bind when I move around at night.

  • Prior to trying Goodnighties, I usually managed to get one three- or four-hour stretch of sleep a night plus a couple of two-hour segments.  The first night I wore my Goodnighties I slept for six hours, woke up long enough to make a trip to the bathroom, then slept for four more hours.  I awoke feeling truly refreshed for the first time in many, many years.  Also, I didn't wake up hot and sweaty like I usually did. 

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    Another positive effect I've experienced with my Goodnighties is pain relief.  A lot of my worst pain tended to be in my low back and left hip.  It had been particularly bad for several weeks before I tried  the Goodnighties.  But after wearing them for a few nights, that pain was gone. 

    I've been wearing Goodnighties for almost two years now and I'm just as happy with them now as I was that first night.  I can't imagine ever sleeping without them again.  I hope I don't ever have to.

    Additional Information

    Where to Buy:  You can order Goodnighties men's sleepwear directly from their Web site:  Goodnighties Men's Sleepwear

    Research Info:  If you would like to read the research behind the development of Goodnighties, you can download the document here:  Goodnighties Research Background

    Disclosure:  The manufacturers of Goodnighties initially (two years ago) provided me with a pair of pajamas and a gown for review.  I have no other affiliation with the company.


Published On: April 08, 2012