New Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Organization Has Rare Research Opportunity

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • I recently had the pleasure of working with some of the people involved with Simmaron Research Foundation when I was asked to write the copy for their new website. In order to do that, I had to learn all I could about this new organization dedicated to chronic fatigue syndrome research––and I was impressed with what I learned.


    Simmaron was founded by the ME/CFS patient and medical community. Their focus is neuro-immune research in general and ME/CFS research in particular. Simmaron has two primary goals:

    • Find biomarkers that will lead to a diagnostic test for ME/CFS.

    • Find effective treatments for ME/CFS.


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    What Is So Special About Simmaron?


    One of Simmaron's greatest assets is in Daniel L. Peterson, MD. Dr. Peterson, considered one of the founding fathers of modern day ME/CFS medicine, is not only one of Simmaron's scientific advisors, but he has also given them access to the rich repository of biological samples, data and records that he has collected over more than 25 years of clinical work and research.


    The value of that data is incalculable. Simmaron's scientific experts are studying these records to find patterns, traits and repeated levels of vital signs that will give them clues about this still mysterious disease and help guide the direction of new research.


    Another thing that makes Simmaron special is its commitment to collaboration. They are working with some of the most respected researchers in the fields of virology, immunology and cell biology. And Simmaron has made a commitment to openly share their findings with the various scientific and medical communities so they can more effectively work together to identify the causes, biomarkers and potential treatments for ME/CFS patients.


    An Amazing Research Opportunity


    Right now, Simmaron's top and most urgent priority is to fund a pilot study it began last year investigating cytokines and immune/autoimmune activity in the cerebral spinal fluid of ME/CFS patients in an effort to understand the neurological and immunological aspects of the disease, as well as to identify a biomarker for ME/CFS. From what I've heard, the early results are very promising and everyone involved is very excited!


    Why is it so important to fund this study now? Because Simmaron has a very rare opportunity to essentially quintuple its investment in ME/CFS research. The Mason Foundation in Australia has already dedicated $830,000 to fund the second phase of this study, which is the largest-ever collaborative international ME/CFS project. But there's a catch––phase I must first be funded.


    Simmaron has already raised the first $75,000 of the $225,000 needed to complete phase I, but they are still $150,000 short. This is where we, the patients, and our families and friends can get involved and make a difference.


    What makes this such an amazing opportunity is that a $225,000 investment will result in more than $1 million of ME/CFS research. So basically, every dollar we donate will result in $5 of research. Give $10 and get $50 worth of research; donate $100 and fund $500 of potentially life-changing research.


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    I've seen lots of fundraisers where someone has promised to match donations dollar for dollar. I've even seen a few that offered to double match contributions. But I've never seen any that multiplied your donation by five!


    If you are an ME/CFS patient or you care about someone with ME/CFS, I want to encourage you to go to Simmaron's website ( and make a tax-deductible contribution to fund this important research. No donation is too small––or too large. Together we can make a difference.


Published On: June 29, 2012