Chronic Pain Study Needs 20 More Participants

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • In August I told you about a University of Maryland doctoral student in counseling psychology, who is doing her dissertation research on chronic pain, has invited our chronic pain community here to participate in a study to explore the effects of writing about chronic pain on mental and physical health.


    The researcher reports that she has had a great response but she would still like to include 20 additional participants. The study involves completing two surveys and three writing exercises.


    I find it encouraging to see health care professionals in the field of psychology studying new techniques that can help us learn how to better cope with our pain. While the cause of our pain is physical, living with chronic pain day after day affects every part of our being––physical, mental and emotional. It invades every area of our life and demands our attention. I'm thankful for any technique or therapy––be it physical or psychological––that may help me deal with the pain better and/or lessen it's intensity and impact on my life.

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    If you haven't already signed up for this study, I hope you'll consider doing so. The time you contribute to this study may not only help you but may help many others living in chronic pain.


    You can find out more about the study here: Chronic Pain Study


Published On: September 27, 2012