Fibromyalgia Mentioned on Oprah

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • For more than 10 years people have periodically organized letter-writing campaigns to try to convince Oprah to do a show on fibromyalgia. Although she still has not devoted an entire program to it, FM was apparently mentioned and briefly discussed in Monday’s episode. Oddly enough, the topic of the day was Dr. Oz’s anti-aging plan.

    Sabrina Johnson, founder and president of FACES, Inc. (Fibromyalgia Association Created for Education and Self-help), reports that about 45 minutes into the program, Dr. Oz “introduced a woman named Lisa who has had Fibromyalgia for seven years. Dr. Oz and Lisa say that after being on Dr. Oz's anti-aging diet for only eight weeks, Lisa is now pain free.
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    “Dr. Oz acknowledges that many physicians have not understood or even believed in Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but that he now understands and believes. He attributes this change of heart and mind to meeting Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, basically saying some like, ‘a lot of treating physicians have contacted me about various conditions – Dr. Teitelbaum has shown me [opened my eyes about] Fibromyalgia.’”

    You can see a picture of Lisa and read a short synopsis of the FM segment in Oprah’s show archive for Monday, Nov. 5, 2007.

Published On: November 06, 2007