New Chronic Pain Site Design

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • You may have already noticed that ChronicPainConnection has a new look.  Although the home page remains the same, all other pages have been redesigned to make the site easier to read and navigate.  Some of the changes include:
    • Pages are less cluttered.
    • Columns are wider and easier to read.
    • There are better links to more relevant articles.
    • Index pages are better organized. Ex.: Fibromyalgia
    • It’s easier to navigate the site.
    • You can rate articles by indicating if it was helpful to you.

    Another significant change is the way SharePosts are organized.  Before when you created a SharePost, you labeled it as a journal entry, an alert, a gripe, etc.  Now when you create a new SharePost, at the end you’re asked to give it one or more keywords.  Several keywords are provided for you to choose from or you can use other keywords that you think are most appropriate.  The purpose of this change is so that readers can easily find other SharePosts on similar topics.  

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    While any change can take awhile to get used to, we hope you’ll ultimately find these improvements to be helpful.  We welcome your feedback.  Let us know what you think about our new look.  Take a few minutes and browse through ChronicPainConnection.  If you have any questions about the redesign, I’ll do my best to answer them for you. 


Published On: January 10, 2008