Fibromyalgia Community Sees Outpouring of Support After Article Questions Validity

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • You’ve heard the old counsel “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, that’s exactly what has happened as a result of the recent New York Times article questioning the validity of fibromyalgia.

    When I spoke to Lynne Matallana, President of the National Fibromyalgia Association last week, she told me they had been receiving a tremendous outpouring of support. She said the FM community was being embraced by healthcare providers, researchers, and even other advocacy organizations that were not directly involved with fibromyalgia. People were really concerned that what is supposed to be a reputable news organization like the NYT would print something so blatantly biased.

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    “These people felt first of all that it was not appropriate, and second of all that it was not done in a journalistic style where both sides were equally represented,” Matallana said. “They put down the patient; they disrespected the patient. Because of that the outrage was not only felt by the FM community, but by the medical community and many, many people of extremely important stature, who came to us and said that they wanted to work with us and wanted to help us.

    “Instead of making people go, ‘Yeah, that is something that doesn’t really exist,’ it made people who believe in it – and maybe even some who didn’t believe in it – say, ‘This just isn’t right and we want to help.’ It spurred many TV news broadcasts as well as radio spots that basically said, ‘How can you just dismiss 10 million people?’ So I feel that maybe it’s helping to put that discussion away for good. That would be so nice.”

    Now that’s what I call making lemonade!

    Read some of the letters of support the NFA received.


Published On: February 04, 2008