Dr. Krusz Will Answer Questions on ChronicPainConnection

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  • Dr. John Claude Krusz , a prominently recognized expert in the field of pain, has joined the ChronicPainConnection team of experts. Every month he will answer your questions about chronic pain issues. If you haven’t already read his new monthly column “Ask the Expert,” be sure to check it out.

    In addition to being an outstanding clinician, Dr. Krusz is also a researcher, author and founder of the Anodyne Pain Care Center in Dallas. About 11 years ago, realizing that hospital emergency rooms did not provide the best environment for treating acute pain flares, Dr. Krusz moved his practice into a converted home with a cozy setting, very different from the hospital-based office that was used before this transformation.
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    Consistently seeing the same practitioner and staff, who care about your symptoms, is a much more nurturing experience for the patient. Dimmable lighting, a quiet environment, and lights out during treatment make for a homelike and soothing setting. Dr. Krusz believes it’s not just about the medication approaches used in the clinic, but the treatment environment is very important as well.

    Dr. Krusz has a host of IV treatments available and some of them, if they help, can even be self-administered, given by family, or administered in an ER setting. Other medications are specific to the clinic and not readily available elsewhere.

    The end result of Dr. Krusz’s approach is that Anodyne Pain Care is more efficient, gets much more effective treatment results than other settings, is more caring of the patient's needs and is significantly less expensive.

    If you would like to know more about Dr. Krusz and his background, read Dr. Krusz’s profile.

    Asking a Question

    If you would like to submit a question for Dr. Krusz, please ask your question in a SharePost. Because of the number of questions, he cannot personally answer every one. At least five questions will be chosen each month and answered in the Ask the Expert column. When asking your question, remember that the purpose of the column is to answer general questions about chronic pain and chronic pain treatments. Dr. Krusz cannot give you a diagnosis, recommend an individual treatment, or handle emergencies over the Internet. Those things must be done in person and by your own doctor or your local ER.
Published On: March 06, 2008