National Fibromyalgia Association Pledge to Care

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • The National Fibromyalgia Association has launched a new program called the “Fibromyalgia Pledge to Care.” They are encouraging health care providers, family and friends to take the pledges, promising to support and advocate for the FM patients in their lives.

    The pledges are also being used to raise nationwide awareness for fibromyalgia. Today (Monday, March 10) California Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod and Assembly Members Mervyn Dymally and Sharon Runner will be taking the pledges at a press conference in Sacramento unveiling the details of the first ever “Fibromyalgia Legislative Task Force.”
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    Senator Negrete McLeod and Assembly Member Runner have co-sponsored a resolution advocating for improved treatments, expanded research at the National Institutes of Health, comprehensive health insurance coverage and increased awareness of fibromyalgia, particularly involving the US Congress and specifically the Congressional Caucus on Women's Issues. Hopefully California will serve as a model for other states and these efforts can be expanded nationwide.

    Following are the pledges:

    Health Care Provider pledges to:
    • Provide persons with fibromyalgia the best possible medical care I can offer and to partner with these patients to insure a team approach in the management of their illness.
    • Keep updated and open minded regarding scientific discoveries concerning fibromyalgia in order to offer the most effective treatment modalities as possible.
    • Work to always find treatment options that are effective for each individual patient’s specific needs and make referrals to other specialist when the patient will benefit from additional expertise.
    • Fight on behalf of a patient if treatment or diagnostic testing is denied.
    • Be mindful and vigilant of a patient’s rights to always be treated with dignity and respect.

    Family & Friends pledge to:

    • Always stand beside you and give you support in your quest for a better quality of life.
    • Act as an advocate to insure that you receive the best possible medical care from your health care providers.
    • Be respectful of your physical limitations and help or get help when it is needed.
    • Help others to realize that fibromyalgia is a chronic illness and encourage them to provide you with support and understanding.
    • Advocate for improved treatments, expanded research and an increased awareness and acceptance of fibromyalgia.
    • Always love you unconditionally.

    The NFA pledges to:
    • Be the voice for millions of people suffering with fibromyalgia, and to actively advocate for an improved quality of life on their behalf.
    • Implement informational and educational programs and provide personal support to create hope and real solutions to the life altering burdens experienced by persons with and who care for people with fibromyalgia.
    • Create an ongoing media presence that raises awareness, communicates facts and changes perceptions about fibromyalgia.
    • Develop collaborative partnerships that will result in continuing medical education programs and new insights that will help health care providers to diagnosis and treat fibromyalgia patients.
    • Advocate for and facilitate new research by instigating government funding, holding scientific research symposiums and supporting programs aimed at enticing young, innovative scientists to choose fibromyalgia as their area of expertise.
    • Represent and help empower individuals to act on behalf of all people with fibromyalgia in order to improve the quality of health care and access to beneficial treatment options no matter the patient’s circumstances.
Published On: March 10, 2008