Help Get Funding and Research for Migraines

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  • We don’t talk a lot about the pain of chronic headaches or Migraine disease here on ChronicPainConnection because we have a sister site, MyMigraineConnection, that covers those topics in much greater depth than we could ever hope to.  However, I’d be willing to bet that if you don’t have chronic headaches or Migraines, you know someone who does. 

    Right now we have the unique opportunity to lend a hand to help our friends (or ourselves) get the increased research funding that is needed to develop better, more effective treatments for headaches and Migraines.  And it will take less than five minutes of our time, right here on our computers to do it. 
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    The U.S. House of representatives is setting 2009 funding appropriations in just a few days, so it’s important that we all contact our Congressional Representatives now, asking them to increase NIH (National Institutes of Health) funding for headache disorders.  This research has been woefully under funded for years. 

    Before you decide that contacting your Representative is too much trouble, please keep reading.  The Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy site has set up a simple way for us to e-mail our Representative with a few mouse clicks – even if we don’t remember who he or she is.   Here’s all you do:
    • Click HERE.  This will take you to the AHDA Congressional Action Alert page.
    • Scroll down until you come to a grey box that says “1. Compose Message.”  There you will find a letter that has the beginning and ending paragraphs, containing the key information, already written.  There is a space in the middle that you can use to add your own personal thoughts.  If you or someone you care about suffers with a headache disorder, I would encourage you to briefly share how it impacts your life.  But if you’re not comfortable writing something yourself, just scroll down to the next section.
    • Below the letter is a short form for you to fill out your name and address information.
    • Click the “Send Message” button at the bottom of the page.

    That’s all there is to it.  Based on your address, the program will identify your Representative and send your e-mail to him/her.  I sent my letter yesterday and I’d like to challenge you to take a couple of minutes right now and do the same.  Monday, March 17 is the last possible day for Representatives to sign on, so please don’t put this off.

    Click HERE to get started.
    To learn more about this effort, read Teri Robert’s SharePost: Take Action NOW for Better Migraine and Headache Treatment!

    One final comment:  Sometimes we may feel like we’re just one small person and we can’t possibly make a difference in something as huge as the government.  But as I’ve worked with Congressional offices over the years, I’ve learned that they really do pay attention to what their constituents want.  After all, when they keep their people happy, they get reelected.  So let your voice be heard!


Published On: March 13, 2008