A New Way to Ask Questions About Headaches and Migraines

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • Have you seen our new Ask a Question feature?  If you have a question related to chronic pain, ask it in the Ask a Question box and you’ll get feedback from other community members and/or experts.  To find your Ask a Question options, click on the purple “Ask” button at the top of most pages on ChronicPainConnection. 

    When you ask your question, please remember that we cannot diagnose or treat online; nor can we give personal medical advice.  Even our MD experts will not attempt to give you a diagnosis without seeing you.  So if you give a list of symptoms and ask what your problem is, the most we’re going to be able to tell you is to see a doctor. 

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    What kinds of questions can you ask?   With the exception of seeking personal medical advice, you can ask just about anything related to chronic pain.  You might ask how others cope with a particular problem caused by chronic pain; you may inquire about the symptoms of a specific chronic pain illness; or you could ask about the side effects of a medication you’re considering.  

    In addition to asking questions, you can also answer questions.  If someone asks a question and you’ve experienced something similar, answer the question and share what has helped you.  The same guideline applies to answering questions as to asking them – please don’t give medical advice.  Stick to sharing your personal experiences.

    One final note:  It may take a few days to get an answer to your question, so if you have an emergency or need an urgent response, please call your local doctor or other medical professional. 

    We hope you enjoy this new Ask a Question feature and find it helpful. 


Published On: April 28, 2008