Take Time Now to Change Medicare Part D and Medications

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • If you have Medicare Part D coverage, you can only change your plan one time each year.  That time is NOW!  From November 15 to December 31, Medicare enrollees can change their Part D plans.  Since there can be a great deal of difference in the prescription coverage of Part D plans, it's a good idea to check it out and make sure you get the best plan for your particular needs. 

    MyMigraineConnection expert Teri Robert has written a SharePost that tells you more about what to look for when reviewing Part D plans:  Migraine Medications and Medicare Part D:  Important Notice  (Note:  Although the title refers to Migraine medications, the information applies to all medications.)

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    If this applies to you, please take the time to read this and review your plan.  Remember, you'll have to live with your choice for another year, so don't put it off.


Published On: November 28, 2008