President Obama Solicits Input on Health Care Reform

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • One of the major issues of Barack Obama's campaign was his promise to reform health care and ensure that affordable health insurance was available to every American.  Although he hasn't yet taken office, he is already working on that promise.  And I'm pleased to see that he is seeking input from those of us who are most impacted by the health care system.

    President-elect Obama has set up a form on his Web site and is asking all of us to, “Tell us your story, why health care is important to you, or what you'd like to see an Obama-Biden administration do and where you'd like the country to go.”

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    To tell your story or share your thoughts on health care, go to: Health Care – Of the People, By the People and click on the “Submit Your Ideas” button in the blue box. 


    This is your chance to tell him and his advisors what your health care needs are and what changes you would like to see his administration make.  Don't pass up this opportunity to have your voice heard.


Published On: December 07, 2008