Carefully Weigh Chronic Pain Treatment Options

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • Lord, give me patience and I want it right now!  That is an old joke but it expresses the attitude many of us have as we seek relief from our myriad of symptoms.  We have suffered for weeks, months – often years – and we are desperate for relief.  We have taken dozens of different medicines and tried a variety of alternative therapies...all with little to no positive results.  We want help and we want it now!


    It is hard to be patient when you’ve hurt so much for so long.  But did you know that your impatience might actually be depriving you of much-needed symptom relief?  I often hear the complaint, “I’ve tried everything and nothing works.”  While it is doubtful  that anyone has really tried “everything,” a more important question is:  Are you giving what you try a fair shot?  Read more...

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Published On: April 01, 2009