Calling All Men With Fibromyalgia!

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • The Men's Health Network, in collaboration with the American Pain Foundation and the National Fibromyalgia Association, has launched an online survey to gauge awareness, knowledge, and the willingness of men to take action when faced with the signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia. 

    "This survey will help us understand what men know, or more importantly don't know, about fibromyalgia, its symptoms, and a man's willingness to discuss any pain, discomfort, fatigue and other signs of the condition with his physician. Men are raised to believe that big boys don't cry. They are told to 'shake it off' and to 'take it like a man.' Showing pain is showing weakness for many men," says Scott Williams, Vice President of the Men's Health Network.

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    Because fibromyalgia affects many more women than men, too often men are left out of the equation when it comes to FM research, diagnosis and support.  For every 10 people with FM, only one or two are men.  I've long suspected that there may be a larger percentage of men with FM than we think, but we're not aware of them because men are often less likely to go to the doctor; and when they do go, they're more reluctant to admit experiencing severe pain or discomfort, making it difficult for healthcare providers to accurately diagnose and treat fibromyalgia. 

    If you're a man who has or thinks he may have fibromyalgia or a woman with a male loved one who has FM, please take this short survey.  You don't have to identify yourself and it will take you less than five minutes to complete.    Here's the link to take the survey:  Men and Fibromyalgia Survey

    Thanks in advance to all who participate!


Published On: August 19, 2009