Dr. Oz Talks Fibromyalgia on Oprah.com

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • For more than a dozen years, FM patients have used a number of methods to try to convince Oprah to do a program on fibromyalgia – including petitions and letter-writing campaigns.  But other than a brief mention of it by Dr. Oz on an episode of Oprah a couple of years ago, I don't believe that has been successful yet.  However, the fact that Mehmet Oz, MD, a frequent and popular guest on Oprah, chose fibromyalgia as the topic for his first column in O, Oprah's online magazine, is a step in the right direction. 

    Following a brief but accurate definition of FM, Dr. Oz lists four approaches to treatment:

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    1.  Western Medicine Approach – medication, exercise and improving sleep.
    2.  Energy-Based Approach – primarily acupuncture.
    3.  Psychological Approach – cognitive behavioral therapy to help relieve depression and stress, which  although they do not cause FM, can increase the depth of pain.
    4.  Nutrition-Based Approach – based mainly on Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum's supplement program.

    While finding positive aspects of each approach, Dr. Oz leans towards the Nutrition-Based Approach based partially on his own experience in treating FM patients.

    You can read the entire article here:  4 Treatments for Fibromyalgia

    Dr. Oz is scheduled to premier his own program, The Dr. Oz Show, on Monday, September 14.  It is is an hour-long, daily syndicated series co-produced by Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures Television (SPT) and distributed by SPT.

Published On: September 09, 2009