Fibromyalgia Epidemiological Survey

Karen Lee Richards Health Guide
  • Shortly after we formed the National Fibromyalgia Association nearly 10 years ago, we began to see the need for an epidemiological survey.  We wondered what percentage of FM patients also had irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, restless legs and a number of other comorbid conditions.  We wanted to know which symptoms were most predominant, which treatment protocols were most effective, and what triggered the onset of fibromyalgia.  We had dozens of questions, but few answers.  There weren’t many statistics available about FM and most of the figures used were estimates based on the experience of clinicians who regularly treated fibromyalgia patients.  
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    It took several years of preparation and fundraising to make it happen but finally, late in 2005, the NFA was ready to launch a fibromyalgia epidemiological survey questionnaire on its Web site.  The response was phenomenal.  Within three days, more than 2,500 people had completed the questionnaire.  Throughout much of 2006 expert statisticians working with medical professionals who specialize in fibromyalgia compiled the statistics and interpreted the findings.  The results were published in March 2007 on BioMed Central.  

    To learn more about this survey, read:  Fibromyalgia Epidemiological Study.  While there, you can download a full copy of the study results.  

Published On: May 02, 2007