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  • I have been living with Peripheral Neuropathy for the past two years.  I am not a diabetic. It just happened suddenly.  I woke up one morning and I could not put my both feet on the floor to take my first steps without experiencing severe burning and pain in my heels and ankles. Every step I have been taking the last two years is with chronic pain in my feet.  I can not walk without having socks and closed shoes on. My feet require to be confined and closed in at all times.


    I have been through many tests and neurologists. I had a nerve study performed and the outcome of all the tests were that I had an autonomic neuropathy from an unknown cause.  Although I had a blood test in the past that showed I had a high elevation of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I don't have the symtons for it.  So if you have a positive blood reading for any type of illiness that does not mean you necessarially have the condition.

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    I feel that my illiness was brought out by my environment, bad surroundings, and being stressed all the time and unhappy. Now that my life has taken a turn for the positive I can look forward to finding out more about this chronic pain I have in my feet. Although I am under a doctors care for my meds I feel that there still can be further positive approaches to find out exactly what has caused this nerve damage to both my feet.


    I take Lyrica and Zoloft which is both anti depresents and I must say that they do work.  Without the Lyrica I probably would not be able to walk and work full time.  Also by me working full time I keep myself very busy and active. I can garden on the weekends and take small walks with my dogs.  I feel fortunate that I can share my chronic pain with others. 


    I would definitely not recommend that anyone who has chronic pain go for pain management.  I had that and it did not do one thing for me and it most certainly benefited the doctors.  After all they know how to charge big fees for something they know will not help the patient. I am very lucky as I don't smoke never did and I don't drink. I am into vitamins and healthy eating.


    There are over 300 auto imune diseases that can attach our bodies for no unknown cause or reason.


    Herpes, Lupus, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc. Those are just to name a few.  Keep active, away from the doctors if possible, and be happy.


    Positive Attitude

Published On: March 21, 2007
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    Apr. 12, 2007



    I agree with you. Having a positive mental attitude can do wonders when trying to manage a chronic illness. I hope you continue to feel better with the meds... I am glad they are working for you!


    Breathe..... the answers will come.