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Christina Lasich, MD

Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro

Specialist in Pain Management and Spine Rehabilitation

Mobile Electronic Devices Cause Pain

Think about all of the mobile electronic devices you own.  That list could include a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop, a reading device, and a smart wrist watch.  Now, add up all the hours you spend using your mobile devices.  The minutes grow to hours, and the hours grow to days on end.  If this sounds familiar, you may also... Read moreChevron

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pca3055, Community Member

I worked as an RN and hurt my back in 2008 on the job. I continued to work despite pain and was treated for this condition. I moved to Georgia and had a lumbar fusion that had to be corrected a year later in NYS. Now have severe groin pain and found out that I am physically dependent on Opiates.

Dealing with Chronic Pain and Physical Dependence on Opiates

I find myself physically dependent on Opiates after going to a Pain Clinic in Georgia for 3 years. I was at first treated for back pain and then nerve damage pain in legs with increasing doses of narcotics and also many changes introducing me to Morphine and then Oxycontin. I had a severe bad reaction to the Oxycontin and was refused treatment... Read moreChevron

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Celeste Cooper

Celeste Cooper, Health Pro

Chronic pain patient, educator,and advocate

What’s Causing My Feet to Hurt?

Our feet are very important parts of our body. They provide a platform so we can move around, and they provide our body with the balance we need to perform many tasks. We take them for granted and don’t pay much attention unless our feet are out of sorts. They... Read moreChevron

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me50_young, Community Member



I have had 2 St Jude Stimm implants performed.   One was performed by a neurosurgeon and the other by a pain specialist.  I have 1 battery in each buttock.  I had the pre-test implant also and had great success.  That is why i moved forward with my 2 perm implants.  I researched the doctors with great passion... Read moreChevron

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Christina Lasich, MD

Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro

Specialist in Pain Management and Spine Rehabilitation

The Opioid Pain Pump Pros and Cons Revisted After a Malfunction

Recently, in response to the article, Intrathecal Opioid Pumps:  Few Pros, Many Cons, a woman shared her story with me as follows:


“I've had a morphine pump since 2005, and in Oct 2014 it malfunctioned and I... Read moreChevron

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