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Patches, Community Member


Seven Years of It's In My head!

No doctors said "it's in my head" but friends sure did. Doctors ignored me as I explained my muscle pain. 7 years of this and my current doctor sent me for cardio exames; CT for chest; stress test etc. Cardio doc said I was normal. Went back for a followup with primary & as he was dismissing me I went thru a tiraid of aches, pains, restless... Read moreChevron

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dunbar, Community Member


Back Pain

Just started having back pains, what type of execises can I do to help alleviate the pain in thr mornings so that I can get going quicker?

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Christina Lasich, MD

Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro

Specialist in Pain Management and Spine Rehabilitation

Spinal Disc Herniations: Facts and Solutions

Sometimes even just picking up a piece of paper will cause a “pop” as a spinal disc herniates. The spinal discs are the shock absorbers layered between the spine bones that are stacked like blocks. When a disc herniates, it has bulged outside of its normal boundaries. The result is very painful and can also be very debilitating for... Read moreChevron

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bdonna1941, Community Member


chronic pain of nerve pain in face termed atypical or 5th cranial nerve pain

has anyone experiences a 5th crania nerve pain in your face. mine they think is what is causing a numb face on the left side and i also expericence alot of saliva and mucus which should not be from that. it hurst by my left side of my nose and triggers anytime with mostly food , liquids and sometimes just going from hot to cold cannot drink... Read moreChevron

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kevinjudy1999, Community Member



I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with other parts of their body due to jaw implants. I had implants in 84 took out in 86. since then I have had 10 left knee surg. 9 Right knees due to tears, arthritis. Both shoulders done. recently I have had spinal fusion in my neck. I have no balance, and burning, tingling, numbness thru out my... Read moreChevron

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