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Pain Scale

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The assessment of pain is a critical step to providing good pain management. That said, it's important to know what the numbers between zero and ten really mean from a doctor's perspective so that they can better understand the patient's needs. 

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As chronic pain patients, we dream of complete relief from pain.  However, the sad fact for most of us is that total freedom from pain is probably an unrealistic goal.  If that's the case, what then is a realistic goal?  Just how much pain relief is it reasonable to expect?  And a perhaps equally important question is, what outcomes other than…

Pain Scale
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Cort, Health Guide, answered do I have to taper off topiramate or… You should definitely talk to your doctor about getting off this drug. For…


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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide, answered Does anyone understand the one to ten… Here is another article that explains what each number on the pain scale…


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Cort, Health Guide, answered How do I go about getting the… Kaiser does, I believe, allow you to get second or even third opinions within…


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Lene Andersen, Health Guide, commented on Using a Barcode to Evaluate Chronic Pain ooooh, so cool! How wonderful that people are starting to look for alternatives…




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