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Chronic Pain encompasses several conditions that cause constant, persistent pain in its sufferers.  Some of these conditions include chronic fatigue syndrome, TMJ and fibromyalgia.  The causes of each condition vary as well as their treatments.

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Patients with chronic pain and doctors that treat chronic pain, use a term called “break-through pain.” What is break-through pain?  And how is this term used in the context of a pain management clinic? Is this concept out-dated or is it still useful?   In its most basic form, this term is used to describe a pain that…

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spody, Community Member, asked does any one know much about rectocele… I have recently found out that I have a rectocele hernia. First, a bit of…


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Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro, answered what does focal extrusion mean Many words are used for herniated discs including: protrusion, extrusion, sequestered,…


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