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Opioid Medication

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Opioid medications are one solution for chronic pain relief. While there is concern over whether they are addictive, this apprehension has grown out of proportion to the actual risk and overshadows the benefits of opioids, which provide long-lasting relief with relatively harmless long-term side effects.

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The FDA has approved Hysingla ER, a once-daily, single-entity hydrocodone product. What makes Hysingla ER unique is that it is the first and so far the only hydrocodone product to be recognized by the FDA as having abuse-deterrent properties that are expected to reduce, but not totally prevent, abuse of the drug when chewed and then taken…

Opioid Medication
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Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro, answered How long is a written prescription for… Laws governing scheduled drug prescriptions vary state to state. I know…


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Christina Lasich, MD, Health Pro, commented on Avoiding Pain Pill Use Certainly, there are those that great benefit from the use of opioids. The relief of pain allows…




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Cort, Health Guide, answered Morphine no longer works - what is… I know people who've been unable to find relief from opioid drugs who do very…


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