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Jeff L

Jeff L, Community Member

Former military, former teacher

A realistic Oxycodone dosage?

I've got a question - and a complaint - about Oxycodone dosages.  I'll have to give you some context here I guess. 

I had to go onto long-term disability.  For many years my primary care has been through the local VA clinic.  The VA clinic told me it is their policy to NOT get involved in anything to do with... Read moreChevron


missy, Community Member



i have fibromagia and live with pain daily also chroghns disease ,

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lisalisa2112, Community Member


Chronic Pain - Enough is Enough!

I have been dealing with chronic pain for 10 years.  I have had 4 cervical sugeries (C5-7 fused) and 3 lumbar surgeries (L5 - S1 fused).  I have also had plenty of epidural,facet joint injections, nerve blocks, nerve ablation ect! 

Of course now, I am having problems with degeneration above and below the fusions, as well... Read moreChevron

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SilentKnight, Community Member


Chronic Pain, when there is more than one

I find myself feeling down today. After a visit with the Doctor was informative. I still found myself confused. I had been having a problem telling which pain was related to what illness. 

  I was feeling devasted and realized, I may never be free of pain. I suffer with 

Trigeminal Neuralgia, Fibromyalgia,... Read moreChevron


jenny, Community Member


chronic pain in my back is now in my neck

i have had chronic back pain since nov 02 n now its travelled 2 my neck,ive now gotta go back in2 hospital 4 xrays n mri scans again. i cant sleep at night as it is so painfull n its effected every part of my life im so tired

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