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chris101899, Community Member


for any addicts out there

I go to NA meetings daily, but decided to go to a Pills Anonymous meeting last night, thinking maybe I could connect a little bit more. Ohhhhh no. That's not recovery, that's martyrdom. There was quite a bit of actual "one-god" religion involved, and one girl said that if god's plan for her life was to spend the rest of it in pain, then she'd... Read moreChevron

painfulinalaska, Community Member



I am 50 years old and an insulin dependent diabetic. I was ejected from a vehicle October 2008. My pelvic ring was broken in six places and healed nicely but still causes pain when standing. I also shattered my left hip resulting in a total hip replacement in which the rod in my leg goes almost to my knee. The ball and socket in my hip... Read moreChevron
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DisabledCommunity.Org, Community Member

Founding Executive Director, DisabledCommunity.Org.


After a car accident and being on my back for most of two years with back pain and nerve pain into my toes, I started volunteeringat a nursing home a block from my home in San Francisco.  I met, talked and read to nursing home residents for two months when  I decided that I should return to school for my master's in gerontology,... Read moreChevron

KronikInvalidDated, Community Member

"I didn't foresee this tragedy when he threw me at the wall!"

My pain is pretty well managed. I have CFS, but, I can't sleep .. :/

Hi new forum!   I wanna' vent or talk or share or anything.   Most bothersome currently is CFS.   Hope to hear from someone w/ same who has a few spare moments to offer me.   tks KID
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Sophie, Community Member


Have been living with pain for so long I don't know when it started.

I was diagnosed with fibro about 10 years ago.  I believe it started in childhood.  I don't know how personal it gets on this board, so I'll leave it at that.   I am now at the point that I don't even think I can get up and function anymore.

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