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Chronic Illness in a Marriage: How Much do You Discuss it?

"It feels like I'm lying on thumb tacks," I tell my husband as he crawls into bed beside me. "But there is nothing there! I feel so bruised."

"I'm sorry," he offers with a sympathetic smile, but what else is there he can offer me?

"Actually, I sort of feel nauseous too," I share. "It's probably just the drugs. I wonder if... Read moreChevron

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Cris L.

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Pain Management

I guess my degenerative disc disease should be talked about because I believe everything else actually stems from the degenerative disc disease.  My latest MRI report stated that I have the spine of a "much older person".  Long story short, there are herniatiations, bulges, impingements, protrustions, compressions, you name it, all up... Read moreChevron


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Have been taking cymbalta for two years but in the last month or so I have been experiencing very bad nausea with it and have stopped taking it. Why is this happening now and not earlier?


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I'm 20 with TMJ and looking for health answers. I'm a caregiver.

Hair loss

I'm 20 and have all my levels of bloodwork beside me. My hair falls out everywhere! I can literally  show you what a hand full of hair straight from the scalp looks like everyday but yet, there's no explenation for the hair loss? Anything anyone?


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Men and women with chronic pain needed for paid interview project

Health Outcomes Solutions, a health outcomes research organization, is gathering information about your treatment for chronic pain. Eligible participants are invited to complete and return a brief questionnaire and to share opinions in a telephone interview. Compensation for completing the project is $75.

To participate in this study,... Read moreChevron