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September is pain awareness month! I hope we can all contribute in some way to help spread the word to help improve the access to quality care that, as chronic pain sufferers, we so desperately need.

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Looking for some help for my boyfriend who has CRPS Type I (also referred to as RSD).

Treatments include medication, physical therapy, psychological support, sympathetic nerve blocks, and or spinal cord stimulation. He's done everything but the spinal cord stimulation. I think he's afraid the doctor will make it worse. He had a... Read moreChevron


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like being outdoors

Steve's left foot

Hello, I am a 43 year male who has been experiencing chronic pain for 31/2 years now.   My left ankle, and foot have severe nerve damage.  I had to have hardware put in because of foot drop and muscle atrophy.    I take high doses of Oxycontin, Oxycondon, and Lyrica.  I have tried to go back to work on several... Read moreChevron


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Am I missing something? No one is listening!

My pain specialist is not listening. At first he/they were open and willing. Now, for some reason, they seem to be suspicious and uncaring..... almost scared, sometimes. They have insisted- and I MEAN inSISted!!- that I reduce my pain meds. I have been forced to reduce my oral meds by more than 70% over the past two months. Complaints... Read moreChevron


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What to look for when shopping for a tens unit

Just wanted to share with you my experiense with the tens unit.

I bought an Experian Health Tens Unit online at Read moreChevron

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