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Teri Robert

Teri Robert, Health Guide

Author of "Living Well with Migraine Disease and Headaches"

Hope Is an Essential Element of Migraine Management

One of the most important elements to effective migraine treatment and management is one that's seldom discussed - Read moreChevron

Lene  Andersen

Lene Andersen, Health Guide

Writer, Advocate, Photographer

Building Community: Arthritis Awareness Month Wrap-Up

As we come to the end of May and another successful Arthritis Awareness Month, I have realized that understanding the full impact will take some time. HealthCentral had ambitious plans for the month and much to our delighted surprise, everything worked much better than we’d hoped and we are a pretty optimistic... Read moreChevron

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David Mendosa

David Mendosa, Health Guide

Medical Journalist Living with Diabetes and Author of Fitness and Photography for Fun,

Low-carbing Isn't Expensive

Some people say that to follow a low-carb diet is expensive. But they’re spreading one of the most pernicious myths about diabetes management. This myth assumes that a low-carb diet means cutting back on inexpensive fat and eating a lot of costly protein.


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Christina Bruni

Christina Bruni, Health Guide

Mental Health Activist

Schizophrenia News: May 2015

This SharePost will be a roundup of the latest schizophrenia news linked to my own observations on the topic.

Genetic imbalance

The theory has long been held that schizophrenia can be caused by the interplay of genetic and environmental factors. One news article I reported on some time ago... Read moreChevron

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Is It Time To Change Direction?

Turning points are those pivotal moments in life that inspire us to change direction.  Living with RA offers many opportunities for change.  Change is not easy.  Change is not comfortable.  But change is necessary.


You... Read moreChevron

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