Monday, October 06, 2008 lanay40, Community Member, asks

Q: have fibro bad on methadone 60mg should i consider oxy?

the methadone isnt helping like it use to but i am worried my doctor wont consider oxy as a option how should i go about it with the doctor? thanks, lanay

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
10/ 7/08 4:49pm

You're right – most doctors are hesitant when patients come in and ask for specific opioids.  You might try just telling him the truth – that the methadone isn't helping like it used to – and ask for his suggestions.  As you discuss the options, you could ask about oxycodone.


Have you tried either of the new drugs approved for fibromyalgia – Lyrica or Cymbalta?  They can often be more effective than opioids when it comes to relieving FM pain.  In fact, one study indicated that opioid medications do not work well for fibromyalgia because there seems to be a problem with opioids binding to the opioid receptors of FM patients.  You can read more about that study here:  Why Painkillers Don't Work on Fibromyalgia

Good luck.  I hope you're able to find another medication that works for you.

LADYBAJA, Community Member
2/ 7/11 3:18am


I HAVE  been on chronic pain meds since 1991, the day i had an accident, that broke my spine in 2, neck,leg,arm,jaw, and split my head open,i was paralyzed, and  i almost died, and stood in a coma for 3 weeks, alltogether i spent 2 yrs in the hospital, to heal, and to learn how to walk, and eat again..

so i have been on so many old, and new pain medications, that i have lost count.

you name it, i have been on it, and ALL OF THEM, have brought me, AWFUL SIDE EFFECTS, and i have suffered through hell and back just to withdrawal from them.

from codeine, to morphine, to methadome, and any other drugs that combine

either of those or come from those, codeine,morphine, oxycontin, etc..

i tried the new ones too, basically, they work well, for a while, but as your body gets use to it, they start not doing what they suppose to do, unless you UP THE DOSE, the side effects, well, from constipation to dry mouth,

and then some, you need MORE MEDS, to help you with that.

at one time, i was taken over, 30 pills a day, it was unreal and unhealthy for me.

to make my story short, i tried CYMBALTA for depression, when it was still for DEPRESSION, now they say it helps my FIBRO, WELL, maybe i dont know, but


TO 'SIZZLE' and i feel like somebody is 'ZAPPING' my brain/head.


so, its up to you, to determine, if you can live with those....

I QUIT COLD TURKEY...i was so 'sick' from all of the 'SIDE EFFECTS' i prefferred

the pain, at some time...

until i found a very good dr, who took me off all the drugs, and just put me on


So now, even though my pain, is within scale of  7-10 on a daily basis, 10 being the worst of pain, OF COURSE... I RATHER, occasionally be in pain, that addicted to all those drugs and side effects anytime, and feel crazy,sick, like a zombie, and crying all the time...

I THANK 'GOD' FOR FINDING A GOOD DOCTOR...AND understanding...of my PAIN..

be careful, and use your better judgement, when trying out new drugs, specially out of desperation, of your pain, sometimes, all it takes its a good MD, and someone who really cares about side effects and your health overall..


SILVIA, Community Member
10/ 7/08 8:42pm are guided thru withdrawel from Methadone..carefully...its awfull...the worst thing ever..i went thru that and Oxy very careful..with both...always be under Dr..orders...and guidance....


thetruth, Community Member
2/ 6/11 12:55am

Yeah I'm gonna have to agree with this fella here.  Although, I have not been through a Methadone withdrawal; I have been through Oxy and Heroin withdrawal and it is the most awful experience one can endure.  I wish you the best in finding a medicine that works for you but just know that with all opiods you are playing with fire and the very strong possibility that you well become independent and looking to other means to acquire the high when the doctors cut you off...  Stay strong, do your drugs as prescribed, and if all else fails shoot dope; its cheaper.

Robert, Community Member
10/10/08 7:19pm

Do you're research and find out what you feel will work for you. Doctors don't spend the time you do in pain or reviewing your chart. Tell your doctor what you want to try and why. They are obligated to address your pain. There may be a reason not to try it, you should be told what it is. Have other alternatives if the Methadone isn't working. If you don't feel you're being listened to, consider changing doctors.

Gloria Reynolds, Community Member
10/22/08 4:23pm

Frist of all I dont know how you managed to take methadone without thinking you were losing your mind.I was on it for a week and  I was seeing things and hearing things that were not there.

I think you may find that your doc. may be happy to put you on oxycontin.This med. works grad. through out the day.My doc. likes oxy.Just ask .is the doc a pain doc? This can make a difference.PCP dont like to give big drugs like oxy.

gloria reynolds

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