• nora Bell nora Bell
    March 13, 2009
    neurontin, lyrica, stopping neurontin and taking lyrica
    nora Bell nora Bell
    March 13, 2009

    I take neurontin 300 mg twice -once in the morning and once at nightime. I also take tramadol -50mg  three times daily and amitryptiline at night time. I am taking thes medications because of a herniated disk and severe groin pain while sitting. My neurogist prescribed  lyrica yesterday -one 50mg  at bedtime. I did not take any neurontin today as 

    need to take the lyrica tonight and the neuroligist told me not to take both neurontin and lyrica together. I feel agitated and restless tonight and am wondering if I should take the Lyrica tonight?

    I appreciate your help




  • Ducky May 12, 2011
    May 12, 2011

    Neurontin has Never been clinically tested for chronic pain and Drs were given kick backs to prescribe it.

    Check this article out, www.ducky50.nav.to   on the left menu look for the neurontin article.

    I was on it 2 weeks, I seen blue airplanes in my yard, and my husband found me in the closet talking to the clothes hangers.  I hate it and hate hearing that they are still prescribing it.

    • gran
      June 25, 2011
      June 25, 2011

      I have been taking neurontin for about 5yrs now to prevent migrains. Have only had one a yr for past two yrs. Now I have cronic pain from a tailbone injury two yrs ago. I have been in daily pain since april when I flew to Fla and carried my grandson around who was in a cast from waist down. My doc doubled my neurontin from 300mg tid to 600mg tid. I am in more pain now than ever. I can't hardley sit here. my musles seem to be rolling over my bones. I can't hardly get in and out of the tub. Please help me.


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