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Sunday, March 21, 2010 ready2quit, Community Member, asks


I have been treated for depression and anxiety my whole adult life and have tried to stoptaking the pain meds but am crippled by panic attacks and overwhelming anxiety.  I know its "all in my head" but do not know how to escape the thoughts.  Started using the pain pills because they gave me the energy to function like a normal person and made the "sad" feeling go away for a time, but now i panic if dont have a magic pill to make me feel ok.  I want to stop and have researched options--rehab not being an option.  Ive read stories about addicts kicking the habit after years and have been told im overreacting but I really want to stop and dont know how without losing my sanity!

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Marly, Community Member
3/21/10 4:58pm

You didn't say how long your whole adult life is however, being on anxiety medication and trying to get off of them isn't all that easy. You didn't mention how often you take them per day but to wean yourself from them I would do it slowly. Only because your body will cry out for them if stopped abruptly and could cause you to end up in the hospital. If say your taking them 3 times per day try cutting back to two times per day. Let that be for approx. 2wks. then again try once per day for a little longer, maybe a month.

I know I have anxiety attacks and take clonazapam 3times daily,at two pills each time. If I miss a dose,around noon I wait it out until around dinner time.

I am no expert by any means but just going cold turkey is hard on anyones' body. If you feel that it doesn't work for you perhaps talk it over with your physician and perhaps he can give you something just to help you get over the hill so to speak.

Good luck and take care

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