Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Beverly Kerkstra, Community Member, asks

Q: Where can I find a doctor that will prescribe something stronger for fibromyalgia? I am presently taking tramadol, but that just takes the edge off of the pain I experience daily.

I have tried Lyrica, Cymbalta, ES tylenol Ibuprofen,aleve and other antidepressants and none of those I have tried work for me. This is not the quality of life I want to endure the rest of my days. If anyone out there can help please let me know. Thank you.
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Ducky, Community Member
5/12/11 12:15pm

Keep looking, do not stop at all.  I have seen 68 different types of Drs, and I finally found one that believed in pain./   He has me on percocet 10/325 I take 2 every four hours, he gives me 360 a mo. every mo, and also I take 60mg of Oxycontin every 8 hours, 20mg of baclofen 2 every 4 hours as needed.  He is definitly not afraid of giving me the pain meds I need.  I also use clonozepam 2mg 4x day.  I even worked for 3mos but my back would not let me keep doing it, as the RSD I have along with the fibro is deteriorating the bones in my spine.  I have a good quality life but I kept going, I never stopped trying to find a Dr to believe the pain we are in.  like I said 68 drs in 17 years.  I went to Emory Univ in Atlanta, 4 different drs in denver, Cheyenne wyo several  Drs, and the one I have now in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  So I have ran the gamut so to speak.

Not sure where u l ive but I have a website with good RSD and fibro DRs

www.ducky50.nav.to and on the left is the menu and one is the Good Drs, it lists them state by state and they came from patients that had seen them and spoke highly of them.

Hope this helps hon.  Its a long hard road but if you hang in there, you get the help you need.

t, Community Member
7/13/11 12:50am


I was enlightened by your posting and did go to your website which helped me a great deal. I just relocated to Denver and had my first appoinment with a PA in a Pain Management entity. Needless to say, I was not impressed with his bedside manner. Even before I met this PA while I was being checked in, he copped an attitude and I did not know who he was until I was placed in an exam room waiting to see him. When he enterend the room I was surprised as it was the man I seen while being checked in. He held the power as demonstrated by his attitude. My first thought was this is not going to work. Being a former nurse I have seen physicians and PA's with attitude toward the patient and felt for those patients. They even treat nurses as if they are nobodies. I have been in pain management programs since 2003 and never was treated so horrible. Makes me appreciate the good physicians I have had. If you could e-mail me I would greatly appreciate it. I do not know your e-mail address or I would e-mail you. I am new to this site and just learning the ropes. Everyone seems kind and in the same boat as us which is suffering from chronic pain along with fatigue. I wish there was some way I could take away from us. I raised 2 children and was married for 26 years and while doing this and enjoying it I thought someday my day will come where I can do something for me. Well, that didn't happen. Not when a person suffers from Chronic pain. I am sure those of us in pain thought long ago we could do things in our older years such as having a career or just enjoy life. But it didn't happen. Anyway, I hope to get to know you and others on here. This site appears to help all of us with support. I did bookmark your website as it is a good reference. Anyway, if you could e-mail me about the physician you seen in Denver I would appreciate it. I live close to this physician. I hope I do not have the expierience I had with the recent visit with the PA.

tg48317, Community Member
5/12/11 10:27am

I take morphine sulfate extended release - 4 10mg tablets once every 5-6 hours.  I also take 1 500 mg of vicodin.  This is my main pain relievers although I also take vitamins and supplements, especially magnesium and malate acid and ribose.


Before I go to bed, I take 10 mg of Flexeril, which helps me sleep.  I was taking an antidepressant, Nortryptyliine, but the side effects got so bad, I got off of it!


Good luck and remember, if all else fails, try a warm bath with epsom salts and/or a hot shower!

Sonia McAlister, Community Member
5/12/11 6:05pm

I had the same problem as you did.  I talked with my Rheumatologist who suggested I see a Pain Specialist.  I in turn did and he suggested that I try a new procedure called a Spinal Cord Stimulator Trial.  The only bad thing is that you have to go though two Trials for both the Lumbar and Thoracic parts of the spine.  I thankfully did well on both trials and now I am 100% pain free from Fibromyagia.  I would suggest you look this up on Google or Bing and see if maybe this would be the thing for you.  I am now doing so much better and not laying in bed all day from all the pain.  I'm still working on the fatigue part but only because I also have Lupus.   Hang in there and I'll be praying for you!!

Sonia McAlister, Community Member
5/12/11 6:12pm

I forgot to mention you do have two Trials and two permanent surgeries, but I think it is well worth it, if it works for you!!

lynn in TX, Community Member
5/14/11 6:56pm

Have you tried Neurotin?  That may be the right drug for your pain.  Hope so.  Keep on keeping on!!

Kay, Community Member
12/23/13 12:40pm

I live in Northern Virginia and cannot find a doctor.  I was seeing one who didn't work out (didn't care for the bedside manner).  I have been on several drugs for my fibromyalgia including Fentanyl patch and percocet for a year.  We had found a combination that was working and now I don't have him and cannot find anyone who will prescribe opiates for fibromyalgia.  Please HELP!

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