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Saturday, November 19, 2011 ktwhite1971, Community Member, asks

Q: how can i get my Norco 10/325 make me feel like when i take Vicodin E/S?

i take Norco 10/325 for chronic pain. How can i do to make my Norco make me feel like when i take Vicodin E/S? I do not get that "good" feeling like with Vicodin e/s.

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Teri Robert, Health Guide
11/19/11 1:02pm

By "good" feeling, do you mean an emotional feeling? If that's what you mean, when pain medications are prescribed and taken appropriately for pain, we don't get that "good" feeling. We simply get pain relief.


If it's a matter of pain relief, it may be that Norco simply doesn't work as well for you as Vicodin. Our bodies respond differently to medications, so what's best for one person, may not be best for the next. This would definitely be an issue to discuss with your doctor when he or she is prescribingy your medications.


Hope this helps!



ktwhite1971, Community Member
11/19/11 1:06pm

That "good" feeling is pain relief 4 sure...BUT the Vicodin e/s kinda makes me feel more energized and "happy" as well. The Norco does not. I mean should i take some tylenol with the Norco? Would that do it

Teri Robert, Health Guide
11/19/11 1:24pm

From everything I've read and what doctors have told me, no, acetaminophen isn't going to make a difference. Plus, we have to be really careful not to get too much acetaminophen.


That "happy" feeling is an unintended effect of the Vicodin. Pain medications are meant to relieve pain only, not produce that feeling.


Seriously, in your place, I'd discuss that with my doctor. The Norco you have containes 325mg of acetaminophen. "Regular" Vicodin has 500mg, and Vicodin ES has 750mg of acetaminophen. Norco, Vicodin, and Vicodin ES all also have hydrocodone. Do you get equal pain relief from Norco and Vicodin ES?  If so, the Norco with less than half as much acetaminophen would be the better choice because of the liver problems acetaminophen can cause. The FDA is working with pharma companies to reduce the amount of acetaminophen in medications because of the possibility of liver damage.



john r, Community Member
7/11/12 4:21pm

terry, I've have to slightly disagree. I was on 10-325 percocet for approx. 5 years until H.B.93 2011 went into affect in it's almost impossible to get proper treatment because of the doctors paranoia. my point is that when I was on the percocet 10-325 I felt like a new man. not only was my pain in check, I felt great mentally. the situation is very hard to make someone understand if they have not experienced it. my wife said it was as different as night and day.

bmill, Community Member
12/ 3/11 10:48pm

Norco and Vicodin contain the same ingredients--hydrocodone and acetaminophen (acetaminophen aka Tylenol).  Norco 10/325 has more hydrocodone in it than Vicodin ES (which is 7.5/750).  The first number is the amount of hydrocodone present in each tablet; the second number is the amount of acetaminophen (which will cause liver damage or even death if you take too much). (The amount of acetaminophen in an 'extra strength' tylenol is 500mg. per tablet, 325 mg. per tablet in regular strength, for the purpose of comparison). Probably you are just building up a tolerance to the drug--which is the reason people begin taking more and more of the drug and end up overdosing. 

Ladydi, Community Member
2/15/13 2:56am
I know exactly what you mean. With the Vicodin 5/500, get more immediate and long lasting pain relief than with Norco10/325. I also get tha "energized" sensation with Vicodin, which doesn't occur with Norco. You would think that the higher hydro condone would give you a greater "euphoria", but that is not the case. It's got to have something to do with the higher amount of acetomenaphen with the 5 mg. of Hydrocodone, some sort of perfect cocktail combination or better absorption. I doubt that this phenomenon has bee studied. It is just assumed that they are identical, but they are not! I mentioned this to my mother who agreed with me. She said the Norco also makes h itchy. And yet, every time you turn on the TV, they are threatening to pull Vicodin off the market. I have spoken to a couple of pain specialists, who said that the studies showing damage to kidneys involves massive daily amounts of Tylenol to cause that kind of damage. I don't take it every day, but when I do, I need to work! Reply
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