• Liberty Liberty
    May 02, 2009
    I get pins&needles in my fingers&hands..& I wake up with my fingers in a CLAW position.what is this?
    Liberty Liberty
    May 02, 2009

    Hi everyone.I was born a "Little Person", aka dwarfism.I have Hypochondroplasia,not Acondroplasia,the common dwarfism.Mine affects my Arms,hands,legs,and feet only.Not the facial features.Anyways,I have issues with my hands/fingers.I was diagnosed with ARTHRITIS (possibly from my dwarfism).Everyday when I wake,my fingers are in a fixed,curled up position,like a claw.I have problems opening my fingers/hands.Both of them.It takes me minutes to hours,to get my fingers to flex,and bend from the fixed "CLAW" position I wake up to.Also,I have recently,been having CONSTANT pins & needles in my hands and fingers,its getting worse,and more and more frequent.Numbing the tips of my fingers,and my hands. Could this be from the Arthritis?or could it be something else? Like Rhumetoid? or pinched nerve? why is it worsening.(as well as my normal leg/feet/body arthritis is worsening too lately..maybe weather?).Can this just be my arthritis?or should i get it checked out? could it be something else?      thx  from  Liberty



  • Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    May 06, 2009
    Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    May 06, 2009

    Any time significant new symptoms develop, it's a good idea to check with your doctor.  While arthritis could cause at least some of the symptoms you describe, there are other possibilities that should be checked out.  Also, you need to find out if there are any treatments that could help relieve your symptoms.


    We have two arthritis sites that could give you more complete information about the different effects of arthritis.  You might try asking your questions on one or both of those sites as well.






    Weather changes can definitely affect arthritis, so if your area has been having a lot of different weather fronts going through, that could explain why your general arthritis symptoms have been worse.


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