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    May 27, 2010
    Is my body rejecting my spinal implants?
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    May 27, 2010

    I have recentyly had 3 spinal surgerys. a fusion  at L5/6 and cervical fusion @4/5 and 5/6. I have had mild to moderate joint and muscle pain and I also had some fatigue after my lumbar fusion. After having the cervical fusion 4 months after the lumbar fusion my problems are much worse. My skin is sensitve to pressure and I can never get comfortable. My fatigue , muscle aches and joint pain are moderate to sever. I am unable to take this. I feel like something or everything hurts me everyday. I feel terrible. I had problems sleeping and had restless legs. A nurologist said I had resless leg syndrome. I could not take mirapex and was started on nurontin. It does help with sleep and I am not so stiff and sore when I wake up. The fatigue, muscle and joint pain start back shortly after moving around and with activity. I feel exausted all the time. Can my body be having an inflamitory response to the implants. I feel like My muscles and joints are being attacked by something I can not explain.



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  • Mooseheads January 15, 2011
    January 15, 2011

    Hi there!  And WOW!  Read my post (look for posts by Mooseheads)- I had a similar problem with my big toe:  Big toe 2nd to last (distally) was genetically to long (by abt 1.5-2 mm).  After a lifetime of competitive sports- the bone before it slammed into that joint... until it totally wore the cartalidge (sp?) out.

    How did I find this out? 

    While driving, I could not step on the gas pedal! The pain was unbearable! I drove w the cruise controls for 1 & 1/2 year.  Then, I couldn't walk w/o pain.

    I finally gave in & went to Podiatrist (an excellent one, people come from all over world to go to her; gifted).

    She figured it out just by my "gas-pedal-toe" story. I needed a toe joint replacement & cut the bone down by 1.5-2 mm.

    I don't want to bore anyone- easier to read the 1st 2 posts I left.  BUT- it bothered me worse than before (this took abt 1.5 yrs).  Back to Dr- X-Ray showed this thing had moved!  Surgery to remove implant immediately.



    So, as you will read in previous posts:  YES, IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE ALLERGY TO METAL!!!!!! AND THE WHOLE YEAR AND A HALF, I FELT "ALLERGIC"!

      -  I felt tired, "allergic",3 OF MY TEETH (molars) RE-SORBED! (Dentist was dumbfounded!).

      -  My body was in some sort of "hyper-sensitivity" reaction.  I told my Family Dr "something is wrong with me- I feel like my body is attacking itself for some reason.  How do I find the "reason?""


    Yes- it was in attack-mode. To the metal in my foot. GET METAL-ALLERGY TESTED!!!!!  (the bad news is if you are allergic-"now what".  So prepare yourself.  Do research on it (that is IF you end up positive). 

    GET YOUR OPERATIVE REPORTS!  IT WILL HAVE THE IMPLANT MANUFACTURER, SERIAL # (maybe implant defective?- KEEP IT IF REMOVED; BTW-hosp pathology needs it 1st-then u get it); and get the company to send an allergist (metals) a pc of the EXACT metal used in your rotator cuff.  (hint: many have nickel in them).

    Have allergist test you.  If positive, talk to your Ortho abt it.


    I wish there were more Allergists or Dr's that would tke this more seriously.  We are all aging & implants will soar.  Options are needed.  I wish I could invent something myself- like a "anti-allergy dip" to the metal.


    Good Luck!  Please keep me posted!  I bring all of these-type articles to ALL of my Dr's (cuz they don't believe this could be the cause of such "illness").  I want to raise awareness.

    Thanks for sharing- Miss Moose (Mooseheads)

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