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Sunday, June 15, 2008 sally rudy, Community Member, asks

Q: Is Flexeril addictive?

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Lene Andersen, Health Guide
6/16/08 12:28pm


From the brief amount of research I've done, Flexeril does not appear to have the same addictive qualities as e.g., opiates.  However, most medications can create a dependency and Flexeril is no exception.  The question I tend to ask myself when taking medication that can create a dependency, is what I become dependent on - is it the medication?  Or is it because when I take the medication, my pain is controlled to such an extent that I can live my life the way I want to?  In my case, the answer is that living my life, meeting my responsibilities and enjoying my life is dependent on taking a number of medications.  And I'm usually okay with that, although I always research the pros and cons of new medications and discuss it with my doctor before I start taking the meds.


If you take it as prescribed and it does not impact your life in a negative way (such as extreme drowsiness), you should be okay.  As always, I would recommend speaking to your doctor in more detail about your concerns.  And if your concerns are based on a history of addiction, discussing this with your doctor is even more crucial.

Cort, Health Guide
6/16/08 5:39pm

Flexeril (or cyclobenzaprine), a muscle relaxant designed to decrease muscle pain, is generally  intended for short term use.  According to RxList Flexeril is not addictive but it can cause withdrawl symptoms when discontinued. Addiction implies a psychological compulsion to use a substance; withdrawl, on the other hand, concerns side effects which can occur when a substance is discontinued. A compulsion to use a substance is not part of withdrawl.


You can find more about Flexeril at the URL below:

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