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Friday, August 08, 2008 steven miller, Community Member, asks

Q: Why does diabetes make my legs hurt?

I'm 46 yrs old and I have diabetes, high blood pressure, and back pain. My back and legs are in so much pain i hardly sleep. I take painkillers and my other medications regularly, but after 15 years they don't seem to help any more. Can you let me know if you have any advice?

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skeetelmore65, Community Member
2/ 2/12 8:37am

I know exactly where ur coming from! It is so hard and I have been this way, since I had a neck surgery(C5-C6) spinal diskectomy. I have only gone downhill and can't seem to get back up.

I just want to know what this is and hearing that there is someone else out there, who is suffering with the same kind of pain...IT is horrible! I am so sorry to hear, to know anyone could live with this kind of pain. I know, mine has been with me so long that I feel, I will be like this the rest of my life.

I am getting to where I can't control my muscles all over my body. My left arm/hand shakes uncontrollalby, as well as my left leg and I am afraid this is some nervous disorder that they are just not finding. I don't understand how they could miss something that hurts this bad. I am so miserable most of the time, I don't go anywhere, but to a Docs appointments, lay in bed most of the time and am losing all of my muscles, in my whold body and feel like I am losing my mind...right along with it.

The Docs that I have seen most of the time, are Neurologists. I am finally getting tired of going to see them, because it seems like I am getting nowhere. So, I made appts. with an Oncologist and a Cardiologist. Thus far, they have ruled out "tumor markers", by a test called a CEA. I asked them to run it, just to make sure that there was no Cancer in my organs, but they usually don't run this test, unless they feel the need. I was told by a professional lab tech, u could say, because she works for a prominent Lab facility, that I needed to have that test run, because from what she could see from the bloodwork that I had done @ 9 mos. ago, my Iron, Serum test(110) was double what it should have been and she frowned upon my Alkaline Phosphatase #.

All I know is that there is definitely something wrong with me that is pretty bad and no one can find it! What!?

What is going on, when what u have can't be figured out...IT is pretty bad to have to suffer and can't get well. All I know is that I am tired of being sick...yes, I am definitely SICK of being SICK!

The only thing now, is that I am getting chest discomfort and it hurts for me to lay on my left side. It feels like it is my heart. I think that maybe that is because I have Chronic Bronchitis, like I have had b4 and put in the Hospital for a week, when I was 12. It could be Pheumonia, but Lord knows when a body hurts so bad that u only want answers...there is just not any Docs that are giving ANY or relief. I only want to feel like me again and not be in so much pain anymore, but I have had so many tests and they can't give me an answer...and that is hard on a person, when it takes so long to feel healthy again.

It is bad that I hurt ALL over and it is not just in one area and that is why they THINK it is Fibro, but it is something else...I can feel it and I know there are many others that feel the same way. THe Docs are only treating the symptoms and NOT the CAUSE!!Frown

I pray that ur doing better now and can tell me what they found. Take care and God Bless always.:))<3 Karen

claimjumper57, Community Member
8/21/12 1:55am

hi,karen,i have the same pains,it hurts bad,,cant walk far without burning,i was diagnosed with scleraderma,but i chucked all those no info docs,there in it for money,as is the pharmasuticals,they know exactly what causes it,they call it fibromyalga etc,what ya have karen,is an internal yeast infection,you need to tackle candida,thats the problem,beleive me,fungus is the one thing they wont touch,cause its the reason ,and they wont have all the money there after,f-them all,


claimjumper57, Community Member
8/21/12 1:58am

e-mail me if ya need more info,at [redacted]

Shelby Nguyen, Community Member
5/13/09 12:17pm

how is your legs nowaday?? The reason i asked was because my mom had the same problem. She gone to many doctors but they don't do or care about her pain. She cries most of the time when she walk in the a short distance. Please share some idea to my email at



Jessie, Community Member
7/ 3/09 6:51pm

I hope your pain gets better.  I had those pain too.

heather riaz, Community Member
2/23/12 6:42am

hi there my name heather i am 54 year old .i have to much pain in uper and down legs and back . i love to walk all the time i dont like sitting down all the time but i have to becuse of the pain in my body . i have takeing hrt now . can you tell me what is cuse the pain so much and wath can i do about it . my blood pressure is ok .my husband got me zindolin 500 ciprofloxacin tab to take my pain away

claimjumper57, Community Member
8/22/12 12:05pm

to all you,,fibro sufferes,,,the cause is candida,i have proven it beyond any doubt,and i dont care what doc says it aint,hes dead wrong if he does,and how can he anyways? he calls it a syndrom..means he aint got the answer,,well i do,,prove it for youre self,try staying off yeast products,and go as much organic as you can,no starches,,three to one meals----three vegetables to one small lean meat portion,,and drink lots of green juice,,then tell me you dont feel better,,takes more to totally rid it,,but try it

Renee Culver, Editor
7/11/14 12:11pm

I'm sorry you're having such a painful time, Steven. Leg pain is really common in diabetes. Neuropathy can cause tingling and numbness in the extremeties, but cramping and having legs that get tired easily can also be a sign of peripheral artery disease (PAD). People with diabetes and high blood pressure are much more likely (some say three times more likely) to develop PAD than healthy people, so it's really important that you talk to your doctor about this pain. Please let us know what the doctor says, and update us on your progress. Good luck!

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