• BrettoBean BrettoBean
    August 29, 2008
    ors cut off opioid patients with chronic pain cold turkey.
    BrettoBean BrettoBean
    August 29, 2008

    my father in law sued oxy contin for cor cuttig him off cold turkey and won a $10,000 settlement. I am currently taking norco 10's for  brachial plexus injury(the matt of nerves that go from your spine and controll you shoulder. Theshoulder is completely immobile and is i excrutiating pain all of the tim. My doctor just cut me off cold turkey and asked me to go somewhere else because i cannot afford his $50 a visit along with the $40 prescription. I even offered to pay him the $30 i allready owe him and the $50 it wold take to see him. But no change in his decision.  I have been on this routine for at least 5 months and was wondering if any body could help me out with this legality of the situation.



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  • Pal-in-Pain August 30, 2008
    August 30, 2008

    First of all I am NOT a lawyer or doctor but am on the medicaiton Oxycontin and went through something very simular in 2004.

    I do not believe it is right to do this to a patient as we all become dependent but we are not necissarily addicts. Are you saying your Father in law sued the manufacturer or the prescribing physician? BIG difference...In 2004 my Pain Management doctor decided (and was allowed by new laws) to ONLY care for surgical patients and not have to deal with any Medicare, Medicaid, or cash paying patients at all. I went in for a scheduled appt and didn't even get to see him one last time as he was my doctor for most of the time since my accident that caused RSD/CRPS. The nurse at the front desk said I should've received a letter that I did not saying he was no longer taking me or my kind (at the time I had lost my worker's comp and had NO insurance). I was paying ALL my bills on time and my Mom was paying for the cost of that and my meds. My Oxy alone was around $500 a month. She went broke practically trying to help me and I respected this doctor very much. I now look back and know he was in it for the money and not for the ethical treatment of his patients which to me is; first do NO harm.

    I was taking my meds correctly, not a drug seeker, and he even gave me a letter of referal for another doctor IF I could find one. It took many months to do so and he only was willing to prescribe for 3mos. Thankfully I did finally find another pain doctor but my experience hasn't been the same.

    I can't see your full message as it ends after you saying you are in excrutiating pain but wonder what the rest of your story is so maybe I can offer some advice.

    My point is; NO, I do not believe it is fair but in many states laws changed so that these SPECIALIST can choose who they want for patients and since I didn't want the SCS (spinal cord stimulator), I guess maintaining my pain even though I paid him on time was no longer good enough. I saw half of his patients being dismissed and I do realize we are in a sad world of drug seekers who abuse the system and how doctors feel they have to protect themselves.

    Now I am tested regularly for the levels of meds in my system along with tests for illlegal drugs for what I believe is to ensure his own safety and practice. I have NO problem doing so and now am on Medicare but because of a lawsuit against the person who caused the accident, I have annuities that make it to where I fall into the "gap coverage" and pay $500 a month for ONLY my Oxycontin and only $7 for all other meds. I don't believe that is fair as IF I had to pay a mortgage or car payment, I couldn't afford it. I have to believe that this type of treatment is completely unethical UNLESS people break the rules the doctors need.

    I wish you the best and please feel free to turn to me and tell me more so I can possibly fully answer your question.

    Your Pal in Pain



  • BrettoBean August 30, 2008
    August 30, 2008

    actually i  beleive he sued the V.A because they were the ones that cut him off. any way i hope you can see this because as far as I know answering my ownquestion is the only way for other poeple to see it. On the other hand I have been on hydro codone 10's for the past 5 months and my doctor told me I had to find another docter butthey won't give me the same thing or at least the same amount and  I am experiencing pretty bad withdraws

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