• Scott Scott
    September 08, 2008
    Are lortabs stronger then vicodin..new perscription and it seems like it
    Scott Scott
    September 08, 2008

    I just got this on a new perscription because I can't take asprin or anti inflammatory drugs and tylenol is not stong enough when I have a sinus headache or when my mrsa acts up.  I end up taking 1/2 tablet instead of a whole so are lortabs stronger then regular vicodin?



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  • TK Hash September 08, 2008
    TK Hash
    September 08, 2008

    No vicodin is definitely stronger.  When I was diagnosed with RSDS, they started me on Loratabs, I could not take them so they told me they were going to move me up the ladder, due to being on pain meds the rest of my life, (I am now on the Fentanyl Patch), but Vicodin was next and it is stronger than the Loratabs.

    Hope this answered your question.

    • n/a
      February 03, 2010
      February 03, 2010

      you could not be more wrong! vicodin is NOT stronger than lortab. i have severe chronic lower back pain, and vicodin didn't even touch it, did not work at all what so ever! then my doctor put me on lortab and it works good without being to loopy all the time. so if your doc said it was stronger lortab, he flat out lied to you, what he meant to say is that vicodin will work better FOR YOU and the type of pain you have. they are really the same, but for different types of pain. you should do research before you answer these peoples q@as.

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  • nlynn May 07, 2009
    May 07, 2009

    Okay, just so you know lortabs and vicodin are made of the exact active ingredients: hydrocodone(form of codiene) and acetamenaphine(aspirin or tylenol) The only difference is the ratio of codeine to aspirin in them and the inactive ingredients.  Lortab contains more inactive ingredients than vicodin.  They both come in different strengths. three different strengths 5, 7.5 and 10.

  • Perry Stephens September 27, 2008
    Perry Stephens
    September 27, 2008

    You didn't site where your pain symptoms are. I am challenged with both cervical and lower lumbar chronic pain due to spinal injuries (auto accident) resulting in 4 lower lumbar surgeries - fusion w/titanium rods and 3 cervical surgeries - fusion/titanium plate. I am scheduled for C3-4 and C7-T1 surgery w/titanium rods. Over several years I have been on and off of both LORTAB and VICODIN with no problem - no withdrawal symptoms. 


    I find that LORTAB works well for the lower lumbar but not for the cervical.

    I find that VICODIN works well for the cervical but not for the lower lumbar.


    This mystery is well documented in my medical charts. VICODIN and LORTAB are made by two different drug companies.

    VICODIN     Abbott Pharm.

    LORTAB      UCB, Inc.

    The chemical structure is shown as the same. The binders, amount of tylenol, fillers, etc. are different. VICODIN has more tylenol in it. The tylenol is suppose to help the hydrocodone work better. There must be a difference in what order the ingredientsof each is put together or it could be the different additives that are put with the base hydrocodone. I don't know.


    Can't advise you on how to take this medication and as far as what works best for you; you need to discuss this with your doctor. Be prepared to hear that these two medications are the same. They are basically the same according to the chemical structure.


    If they are identical then why are they made by two completely different drug companies using different additive ingredients? This is not a judgement but an observation.


    You may need to try both the Brand and the Generic for the medicine you aretaking. Sometimes one may work better than the other. This is true for me with the LORTAB. I require Brand because the Generic does not work for me.


    My wife is a professional cook and expressed to me that medicines can be compared to recipes. You may have a given list of ingredients but how and in what order you mix those ingredients will determine the outcome of what you are attempting to make. Mixing food ingredients in the wrong order for example could yield a faulty texture, taste, etc. If you want the same exact dish then you have to stay with the same exact ingredients and method of putting together and cooking those ingredients.


    Both LORTAB and VICODIN come in several strengths. Being conservative as to how you take this medicine is wise as you indicate that you are.


    I wish you well and the best of life,


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