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Thursday, September 11, 2008 7th son, Community Member, asks

Q: Would it be better to take oxycodone # 15 instead of #10/325 apa perocet

I am presently taking 5 # 10/325 apa perocets per 24 hour for pain. Next month my Health insurance will end oxycodone #15 are 1/4 of the price of perocets. would oxycodone be a good replacement for my meds, my pain managment clinic said they would work with me. I have been on pain managment for 3 years 2 of these years I have been taking perocet started with 3per day now i take 5 per day and soma. Need to find a cheaper sub for perocet. drug store recomends oxycodone # 15 because they will save me 75%. What do you recomend need help fast running out of insurance Oct 31 HELP

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libralynn, Community Member
9/20/08 1:20am

oxycodone 15 mgs has no acetametophen in it. It is much better for your liver and kidneys. But it is very strong. I think i spelled wrong. But you know what i mean . 5 10/325 is alot for a liver and kidneys to handle. You wont risk damage to those organs on oxycodone 15mgs.  And you probably wont have to take as much. It works really good. But it is strong, so be a little careful. Hope this helps. Good luck, have a nice night.

Dave, Community Member
9/11/08 8:40pm

I'm not sure if you're familiar with the ingredients in Percocet. Percocet is a combo of Acetominophen (Tylenol) and Oxycodone. You said you're taking 10/325 which is (10mg Oxycodone) and (325mg Tylenol). Have you been being given the brand name "Percocet"?

If so that's a shame, because the brand name is more expensive for no other reason than "the name". Your doc should know this. Your pharmacist should also know this.


Anyway, the Oxycodone #15 (15mg's correct?) will be very effective, and since you've been on this med for so long, it will be much better to give your liver a break. (Tylenol is very toxic to the liver). The max amount per day for Tylenol is 3 grams or (3000mgs.) same thing.


Watch the Oxy though. That is some of the most addictive pain med out there. Compared even to Hydrocodone (Vicodin).


Hope this helps

bill5martin, Community Member
9/12/08 8:31am

Oxycondone is the exact same thing as percocet. I personally have gotten the oxycodone. Everytime I have been prescribed percocet. I tried a percocet once and find the generic actually have worked better. Roxicet is one form of Oxycodone that I think works great. I took them, when I had a kidney stone. They also come in 10 mg tablets I beleive.


I joined this group, because my mom has to take pain meds every 4 hours for RSD in her right arm. It happened because of surgery she had to put a stint in her one artery. She currently takes 4 mg of Dilaudid every 4 hours and can take 6mg if it gets too bad.


She took OxyContin for awhile and it worked wonders for her. If you can find some way to get that. It would help you so much. The lowest dose is 10 mg and it last 12 hours. She was taking 40 mg three times a day at one point. It caused her to go go into a sever depression though, which is a rare side effect. She stopped without slowly weaning herself off or telling her doctor. She went through terrible with withdraws. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Miss Mary, Community Member
12/15/10 10:11pm

Hello, I also suffer with RSD; I happen to come across you responce when doing research for my husband. I am so excited to talk with you; I would like to know what medications your mom has been prescibed. I hope that you can help me.

Thank You for your time.

mike boyd, Community Member
9/12/08 10:02am

 yes oxycodone 15mg would relief the pain more than percocet,the 10/325 is a generic brand of percocet,the 10 is 10mg of oxycodone and the 325 is acetimenophen 325mg.

SimplyKerri, Community Member
2/ 6/09 10:00am

I have recently changed from what you are currently taking to 30mg oxycodone and I feel a huge difference. Not to mention that the anti inflammatories in percocet are not good for your liver if taken oven extended periods of time.

thedemonbeast, Community Member
5/10/11 11:05pm

I get 240 oxycodone 15 mg pills every month Plus 90 MS Contin 60mg pills each month as well, for long-term pain.  I am also in pain-management and my doctor is totally wonderful. She started me out on 60 Percocet 10/325 every two weeks. Then she eventually added sixty 30mg MS Contin. She said she wanted to see how I did on these and what kind of patient I was going to be before she boosted them. I ve been seeing her for going on 5 years now. She knows that I am a very good respective person. I have proven my honesty and trustworthiness to her without blunder or fail.  And now, she'll give me just about any kind of narcotic pain medicine I ask for and need, within reason.  It just so happens the ones she has me on is an excellent combination and works beautifully.  What's even better is that you would not believe the number of sexy females that come by and visits me. And everyone of them drops their clothes on a dime and either spreads their legs or opens their mouth wide, ready to please me for as long as I want. And they come here and do this all for one or two pills.  I don't need to change pills for sex. I get enough already for free. But to lay with sexy female stewardesses, doctors, nurses, female lawyers, female police officers, and even female military persons, who are all Hollywood-type sexy, and all just to give them a pill or two; let me just say it is awesome!!  And these females really get freaky for an oxy or two, too! I've had quite a few sexy female police officers orally bathe my anal and very good too, all for an oxy or 2! So who says a guy can't get laid by sexy professional females anymore! LOL

painfullyyours.1, Community Member
11/12/13 12:51am

Your comment is so horrible!  You are the reason, people like you that makes it so hard for people like me to have a doctor to realize we do no and will not abuse our pain meds.  I do hope that you have been found out and that they stop your meds for pain if you are still trading them for personal sex favors.  That is so wrong.  you should totally be ashamed!


ShawnaJ, Community Member
6/14/14 6:56pm
It's peopleike u that screw people like me who are truly suffering , go to rehab taking about favors for pills u f ing which I hope your doc starts seeing right through u and sees your post Reply
Sandta, Community Member
11/12/13 3:37am
And if you want to get off those percoset and o ycodone addictive drugs, try baclofen in low dose as a muscle telaxer bit causes no side effects like those above and dont interrupt your life as previously mentioned stupidity... Reply
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