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Tuesday, March 24, 2009 7th son, Community Member, asks

Q: How much oxyContin is correct

Last month My Doctor had to switch me to OxyContin CR Tab 40 mg 1 every 12 hours

for 2 years I have taken oxycodone 15 mg 1 every 4 hours total of 90 mg per 24 hr period

He switched me because I can get OxyContin from factory free through a program they have. Will this 80 mg OxyContin work as good as my oxycodone 90 mg per day.

He also mentioned that he would perscribe me something for spikes {fast relief}.

Is OxyContin stronger than oxycodone  I have read that they are the same Medication


Thank you very much.

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Cort, Health Guide
3/25/09 12:24am

My understanding is that they are exactly the same drug - that oxycontin is the time release form of oxycodone. Because it's  time release,  that is, because it delivers the drug in a sustained fashion over time it can be a bit more effective because you don't have as many the dips in pain relief that can occur when you take a drug all at one time. Perhaps that will help even out the slightly lower dosage of pain  killer that you're taking. Good luck! 

Seaboy, Community Member
2/ 1/13 2:23pm

I used to take 30 mg of oxycodne. Then i swich over to 40mg of oxycontin. Why is it weaker then the 30 mg of the oxycodone I use to take. And it takes longer for me to take affect

sully508, Community Member
4/ 3/09 1:11am

the oxycontin 80mg is potent. but it totally gets rid of

the pain.

i usually cut them in half, then chew them. Followed by a bottle of sping water or two. 

i really like them.i dont' take them any more.roughmy dr put me on morphine 30mg ER and percocet

for breakth

chippi, Community Member
4/14/09 3:34pm

Hi. I believe a doctor would be the best person to determine this determined by your level of pain and how well your current dose is working. I learned something about oxys today that I never knew. I've been on them for only about a month now and since my pain is reduced greatly since my surgery two weeks ago, I'm ready to start weaning off them. I was told not to stop taking them abruptly because the body will go through severe withdrawal and trauma if stopped suddenly. I was thinking, well perhaps I could cut a 20 mg. pill in half, to get only 10 mg. This is a big no-no with oxcys. They are time released over 12 yrs. and cutting or chewing or breaking them in any way before ingesting causes them to be released all at once into the system, which can cause an overdose. I'm glad I looked into this before doing so. Obviously, they need to be used and discontinues with caution.

Jay, Community Member
5/ 5/09 9:11pm

Hello, I'm writing to ask you what you are prescribed for your spikes and how many a day, I also was taking oxycodone ir 30 mg 6 times a day and was switched to oxycontin er 40 mg 6 times (pills) a day and now I have been switched to oxycontin er 80 mg 3 pills a day because my insurance made me. I am finding it hard to get through the day on these 80's, they last about 4 hours at best and with 3 pills a day it's very hard to make it through the whole day. If I had something to take in between pills for some instant relief and to get me through until my next 80 mg it would help a lot. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

Jewell, Community Member
6/24/11 6:07pm

I feel sorry for you.  I'm taking 4  40 mg Oxycontin a day, and I get 40 percocet a month for break thru pain. I'm suffering so badly because these 40 mg. Oxy's don't last over 4 hours at the most.  The only reason I got even 4 a day was because of my Pain Clinic doctor. But now he has retired and his associates want me off of everything. My doctor was already frowning at me taking 4 of the Oxy's, so after she runs me thru the mill again with all the standard tests for my conditions, she's  either planning on cutting me back so far that I won't be able to live or she'll dump me. (At least that's what she's making me feel like lately). Plus I'm on medicaid, and I've asked her if I could get off of these Oxy's and try something else, but she too afraid, and she doesn't specialize in pain. To answer your question, Oxy is NOT going to do what your other pills did for you. They don't last 12 hours, at least when I was taking 80 mg Oxy's they only lasted about 6 hours. This is how they are time released: The first part of the pill releases in a half hour. Then the second part releases at the 3 hour mark. That is all. The only time release to it is that it is divided into two parts. It's the same as having to wait 9 hours after taking oxycodone. Plus they recently changed the formula to make them tamper-proof for street drug users. They are no longer crushable from what I understand. And I did notice the difference in how these work (or should I say, don't work) and how the original ones worked. And I've never snorted, chewed, or shot up anything in my life. I just swallow it whole, but they sure have changed. I wish I could get 15 mg of oxycodone every 4 hours. But my doctor freaked when I told her I had to take 3 of the 5/325 percocet at a time if I wasn't taking Oxycontin. Plus Oxy is one major pain to withdraw from. Best of luck to you!

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